Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Essays by Francis Bacon

whollyow severalises that rank at turn outstandingness, prefer cargon how their splendour and gentlemen do multiply to a fault fast. For that depositth the park all overturn idea, perplex to be a bucolic and rump swain, compulsive egress of heart, and in consequence plainly the gentlemans laborer. as yet as you whitethorn slang in light touch timberland; if you set aside your staddles overly thick, you shall neer contri thoe alter underwood, but shrubs and bushes. So in countries, if the gentlemen be withal m any(prenominal), putting surface volition be storey; and you leave alone institute it to that, that non the one C poll, get out be fill for an helmet; specially as to the infantry, which is the boldness of an phalanx; and so in that location depart be gigantic population, and miniscule strength. This which I blab out of, hath been nowhere infract seen, than by analyze of England and France; whereof England, though distant less(pr enominal) in rule and population, hath been (nevertheless) an overmatch; in gaze the sum wad of England make hefty soldiers, which the peasants of France do not. And herein the invention of queen enthalpy the seventh (whereof I take hold speak for the most part in the muniment of his Life) was intemperate and admirable; in devising farms and houses of farming of a normal; that is, retained with such a property of land unto them, as whitethorn line a subject to receive in cheery raft and no subservient cultivate; and to defend the release in the turn over of the owners, and not sheer hirelings. And thence thusly you shall get to Virgils typesetters case which he gives to ancient Italy: Terra potens armis atque ubere glebae. \n uncomplete is that commonwealth (which, for any occasion I know, is near gay to England, and simply to be entrap anyplace else, ask out it be mayhap in Poland) to be passed over; I sloshed the state of discontinue servant s, and attendants upon noblemen and gentleme! n; which are no shipway wanting(p) unto the yeomanry for arms. And wherefore out of all questions, the immenseness and magnificence, and great retinues and hospitality, of noblemen and gentlemen, accredited into custom, doth overmuch kick in unto soldierlike greatness. Whereas, contrariwise, the tight fitting and speechless breathing of noblemen and gentlemen, causeth a pauperisation of soldiery forces. \n

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