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Veterinary Medicine Essays -- essays research papers

Veterinary MedicineFor my agriculture report, I chose to do a report onveterinarians. I chose this career field because I like working withanimals and learning rough them. While doing my report I learned morethen I thought there was to learn about animals and becoming aveterinarian. I learned how long it takes to become a veterinarian,what my chances are on being reliable by a veterinary college, whatveterinarians do, and much more.Veterinary Medicine is a branch of medical science that dealswith the prevention, cure, or alleviation of diseases and injuries ofanimals. There are about 55,000 veterinarians and of that only 15,000or so are women. Many veterinarians work for federal, state, or localgovernments, inspecting food, supervising laws that protect human andanimal health, or dealing with environmental problems. Manyveterinarians treat all animals, but in recent old age and in thedensely populated areas of the country, many have limited theirpractice to pets. several(prenomin al) specialize in the treatment of certian populations such ashorses, cattle, poultry, or zoo animals. A small number ofveterinarians are employed as managers of large feedlots for beef cattle -cattle, large dairy cattle operations, and many of the increasinglylarge poultry farms. A few veterinarians are now becoming involved infertilized egg transfer work, in which fertilized eggs are removed fromsuperior donors and transferred into the uterus of a cow of lessergenetic qualities.A minimum of six years ...

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Japanese: The Law Of Inverse Returns :: essays research papers

Japanese The Law of Inverse ReturnsScott Barlow December 6, 1996 Shoji Azuma Japan 355 - 1The law of inverse returns states that the better the foreign learners Japaneseis, the worse the reaction of the Japanese native population will be to thelearners use of Japanese. In this paper, I argue that the better the learnersJapanese is, the better the treatment to the learner of Japanese from nativeJapanese. I will argue this point by making trio statements and then provideopinions and reactions of others whom I have interviewed over the Internet. Thebetter the Japanese language that one has, the more the freedom he feels. I feltthis savour while I was in Japan and I could finally go to the bank and make adeposit or withdraw without fumbling and literally making up my own Japanesevocabulary. Until further Japanese study, did I find out that the word to"withdraw" money from the bank was the same as "taking something down," likefrom a shelf. These are the same words, but in Japanese it is the context thatthey are used is what is important. Not only does better Japanese save you theembarrassment of making a mistake, but having better in Japanese as well helpsnatives feel less of a burden on them, than if you didnt pronounce good Japanese.In Japan as a missionary, I had the opportunity to visit a retirement home oncea week. During our visit with the elderly, we also cleaned up. doing the normalhousekeeping that was necessary for them to live in a cleaner, betterenvironment. I am very glad that I had Japanese that I was open to understandthe retirees, especially when the needed someone to talk to and when I was ableto understand and help them clean where they asked me to. Through theunderstanding that I had then as a missionary in the Japanese language, I feelthat the full-time workers there were less worried about us performing dutiesfor them because we had better Japanese. This resulted in the better treatment Ireceived as I was in Japan because of the position I was in able to serve.The second argument I would like to make on a related topic of being lessburdensome to the Japanese. Everyone doesnt like a lazy person, although a lotof citizenry in America like being the lazy person. In Japan if you arent busydoing something, it is like being counter-productive and demeaning the existenceof society. The better the learners Japanese is, the more likely he is to be

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Analysis of The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros Essay

After having read the refreshing The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros I leave now concentrate on the background of the novel that moved Sandra Cisneros to write it by investigating the novel with special regard to its different dimensions.1. The Novel1.1 succinctThe novel The House on Mango Street is written by Sandra Cineros. It deals with family, neighbourhood and dreams of a young Mexican girl, Esperanza Cordero growing up in Chicago. The novel begins when the Corderos move into a new house on Mango Street in the Latino section of Chicago. The fact that it is the first house they have eer owned, make them proud. But when Esperanza sees it, she is disappointed by the red, dilapidated house. It is not the one their parents told them nor Esperanza dreamt of.Esperanza is not just dissatisfied with her home, but she is also ashamed of her appearance and of her name, which is eternally mispronunced, and sounds if the syllables were made of tin and if they were a punishmen t for the ears. Esperanza was named after her great-grandmother, who was forced to marry and sentenced to a life full of sadness. But Esperanza swears that she will not have the identical destiny like her great-grandmother. Esperanza longs for a name that fits to her, that expresses her identity Zeze the X (Cisneros, p.11).In time, she notices how joyful and harsh reality can be in life. Her first acquaintance is just a brief one because Cathys familiy soon moves away because of the neighbourhood, that becomes more inhabited by lower-class, people like Esperanzas family.By contribute five dollars for a bike, Esperanza is included in the circle of friends of two younger sisters. By Lucy and Rachel, Esperanza is introduced in the wonders of growing up by talking close clouds, hips and parading nigh Mango Street in high-heeled shoes.By the older kids, Esperanza can observe the hardships young people are confronted with in rough neighbourhoods Louies car theft, the end of a boy by an accident Marin gets to know, and Marins desperate attempt to find a husband she can escape from this place. All these things open Esperanzas eyes and show her the limited chances which are offered and she had in such a neighbourhood. Alicia, on the other hand, is an exemple for the less who leave nothing to his fate, but take the initiative. disdain her fathers view, she goes... ...v. ed., 1970)Keller, Jrg P., The American Dream Gone Astray. (Berne Peter Lang, European Academic Publishers, 1995)Savin, Ada, Mexican-American Literature in New Immigrant Literatures in the United States. (London Alpana Sharma Knippling, 1996)Simone, Roberta, The Immigrant Esperience in American Fiction. (Boston Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1995)Web sourceshttp//, 2000, 19.Mar.2001http//, Mar. 2001, 24.Feb.2001http//, Mar. 2001, 24.Feb.2001-03-22http//www.britanni,5716,121244+1+111233,00.html, 27.Feb.2001http//,5716,115530+1+108719,00.html, 03.Mar.2001http//, Jan.1998, 17.Mar.2001http//, Jan.1998, 19.Mar.2001http//, Nov.2000, 03.Mar.2001http//, 1999, 03.Mar.2001http//, 09.Mar.2001

Corruption and Greed in The Canterbury Tales Essay example -- The Cant

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer is a collection of stories by a group of pilgrims who are heading to Canterbury Cathedral. In this book, the pardoner and the pass through show antipodal characters in many ways. The pardoner is beautiful blonde hair man who is macrocosm loved by e realone. However he is very corrupted and smart and sells fake religious stuff to battalion saying very good compliment. On the different hand, the reeve is very serious and honorable business man. He is very smart enough to know what criminals call and do. The pardoner story-tells a great example (or tale?) of seven deadly sins and reeves story is mocking of the miller. These very different characteristic men tell story telling that human beings are always punished for being avaricey. The crooked pardoner and the honest reeve have different purposes for telling their tales, but their stories have the same major theme sins deserve punishment.The pardoner tells the readers that notes and gree d is root of all evil throughout this tale. In his tale, there are three drunken men, one day, decide to find Death and subvert it. They ask one old man where the death is and he points at the tree where a lot of gold are. When they find gold they only think of getting gold as many as possible and end up planning to kill each other. Three men are incognizant of their own evil and as a result, three all die. By story-telling this tale which comprehends no interaction with his behavior, the pardoner negate his own moral and advises other people how should they live their heart in order to avoid sins.In the reeves tale, the miller, Symkyn, is very well know for stealing other peoples properties. Two university students, John and Aleyn, have their corn stolen from that miller ... ... is not greedy at all because he doesnt show off the fact that he is rich. He is loyal to his lord and a working-hard business man which is free from sloth, lust and gluttony. He is a perfect example of the human who lives their life best, not committing deadly sins unlike the pardoner. He disgusts of the miller in the book who is being very gluttony and lust. He warns the miller that he will be punished as in his tale says He who does evil should not expect good. He analyzes the miller in the book to the miller in the tale, Symkym greed will bring disaster to him and will punish him by the fate. These completely different characters share the same theme for different reasons and purposes which tells the reader that the standard of worship is same to various people and they should not commit the sins which certainly will be punished in some way in the future.

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The United States was founded on the right to pursue happiness, just as it was founded on the right for everyone to be considered equal. According to Americas forefathers equality is ignorant and the truth to this is undeniable. If our forefathers saw the kind of equality the world was striving for in todays nine, our forefathers would be routine over their graves. Being separated from what is socially acceptable is not always easy. When most people are being normal, are they really acting normal- or are they just pretending? There are benchmarks that society has drilled people into believing to be true. These benchmarks are inherently unrealistic expectations that people retain to be true. In the Coca-Cola commercial a girl tries many times through trial and error to look socially acceptable, after much licking she realizes that the provided way she can be capable is if she puts on clothes and makeup shes comfortable with. Yes society is broken, but we are society so let the c hange begin with us. By being around people that like us for who we are, accepting our faults, and finding ourselves in society- we can learn to be ourselves.One of the most important qualities in life is being able to find peace of mind but this quality is hard to find if society is constantly following other peoples rules. In the Coca-Cola commercial the girl realizes that blush though she looks socially acceptable, she will only be happy if she wears clothes shes comfortable with. In todays society its hard to find people that go against what everyone else has conformed to, and when this is seen it makes it even more special, because it creates a chain reaction. When this occurred, the girl acquired insight and emerged as her own person, now being ... ...because that way we can be comfortable and let low-spirited out walls that expose our real personality. If we spend time trying to meet this benchmark that society tries so hard to make true- we will always be frustrated, just like how the protagonist was in the commercial. Our faults and weaknesses only make us human and are always inevitable, but when we are surrounded with people that live us for who we are, we learn that these so called flaws only make us unique and are at peace with who we are. Society is at fault for setting this cooky cutter image that a lot of people deem to be true, but these benchmarks are always farfetched which is why people arent happy with who they are trying to be. Being able to step in the world without caring what other people think is a great and empowering feeling. Because we only hasten one life to live- we might as well be ourselves.

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The United States was founded on the right to pursue happiness, just as it was founded on the right for everyone to be considered equal. According to Americas forefathers equality is innate and the truth to this is undeniable. If our forefathers saw the kind of equality the world was tune for in todays society, our forefathers would be turning over their graves. Being separated from what is socially acceptable is not always easy. When nearly pack be being normal, are they really acting normal- or are they just pretending? There are benchmarks that society has drilled people into believing to be true. These benchmarks are inherently unrealistic expectations that people deem to be true. In the Coca-Cola commercial a daughter tries many times through and through trial and error to look socially acceptable, after much frustration she realizes that the only way she can be happy is if she puts on clothes and writing shes comfortable with. Yes society is broken, provided we are socie ty so let the change begin with us. By being around people that care us for who we are, accepting our faults, and knocking ourselves in society- we can learn to be ourselves.One of the most important qualities in life is being able to find peace of mind but this quality is hard to find if society is constantly following other peoples rules. In the Coca-Cola commercial the girl realizes that even though she looks socially acceptable, she will only be happy if she wears clothes shes comfortable with. In todays society its hard to find people that go against what everyone else has conformed to, and when this is seen it makes it even more special, because it creates a chain reaction. When this occurred, the girl acquired insight and emerged as her own person, right off being ... ...because that way we can be comfortable and let down out walls that expose our real personality. If we spend time trying to meet this benchmark that society tries so hard to make true- we will always be fr ustrated, just like how the protagonist was in the commercial. Our faults and weaknesses only make us kind and are always inevitable, but when we are surrounded with people that love us for who we are, we learn that these so called flaws only make us unique and are at peace with who we are. Society is at fault for setting this cookie cutter image that a lot of people deem to be true, but these benchmarks are always farfetched which is why people arent happy with who they are trying to be. Being able to step in the world without fondness what other people think is a great and empowering feeling. Because we only have one life to live- we might as well be ourselves.

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Co-education Female Essay

The debatable issue on Co- preparation is continually progressing through the State and persuade parents and t severallyers that sex-separation will reveal a sign of improvement in students lives. In the United States, teamwork is a massive aspect in hoi pollois lives where twain girls and boys work together in come in to achieve their goal , however, both articles provide informative proves that co-education could result in failure because of the various stereotypes in society. The debate mainly focuses on the separation of both sexes in school since there is no extra cost. The debate also catches the readers attention by the different research that many scientists did in order to prove a fair result that will satisfy the parents and teachers.The separation of sexes in school could result in improvement of education and behavior with boys and girls. Based on Jennifer Medinas article, teachers will formulation less problems if both sexes are free since the boys will take to t he woods to focus more(prenominal) on eruditeness than on girls, in addendum, girls will tend to feel more comfortable participating in class. Co-education will also result in good teamwork especially in the outside community because both girls and boys will learn to communicate.However, from the boys show of view, they will tend to be more comfortable in expressing themselves and learn about being a man in their own bodies. In addition to those articles, the media will affect the parents and the teachers around the state because of highly known and educative people in society. For interpreter, Leonard Sax who is a best seller author of why Gender Matters and Michael Sax argues about single sex with a huge audience in order to prove their facts about the separation and the importance of it.In contrast, both sex educations could also result in improvement around the state and in schools because boys and girls will learn to communicate together and work austere as one community. In addition, many authors and scientist were seeking for evidence in order to prove that Co-education could be for the good of their community. For example, a research on Bronxs Eagle school stated that both sexes classes tend to have higher test scores around the state and tend to receive high percentages in their community. Both sexes will also learn and appreciate that both sexes are important in everyones lives since they communicate and work together outside of the learning community. Researchers also proved that working together as both sexes will also result a sign improvement in teamwork because many girls tend to be left out in single-sex schools in teamwork projects.Comparatively, Co-Education and single education also have their problems in society because of their lack of certain teachs in schools. For example , a study showed that girls tend to be smarter than boys and tend to solve math and science faster and more accurate since there are different brains and each pe rson have a different sign of knowledge and personality. However, since girls are smarter, they tend to ask for more detailed teachings and writing scripts since they will have more things to explain in their writing assignment.When in contrast, boys have to write about a simple sport or a job they seek for in order to prepare them for the future. Although, teachers who support single education tend to have other opinions toward their ways of teaching. For example, Mr. Napolitano claims that he is more comfortable in expressing his feelings and thoughts while teaching to single sex classrooms because the boys will tend to have the same situation. In addition he also shows a book called Patrol Boy in order to show boys that having a tattoo is not a material they should use in co-ed class.In conclusion, this debate tends to prove that single education will show more improvements since the media tend to support it and also the teachers. The reasons that parents should choose single edu cation is because they will improve economically and also their students will face less behavior problems and more school focused. However, co-ed schools tend to have higher scores and will teach the students to work together in order to improve their speech especially outside in society since they will be working together as one team. Both articles prove that both educations will result in bonding together as students and as teachers in this society because at the end of this debate both classrooms will be teaching and learning in the states.

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Candide’s Old Woman

Despite growing gray in misery and in assault, having that half a backside and remembering always that I was the daughter of a Pope as she, the Old Woman told Candide, a hundred times I wanted to kill myself, but always I loved life more The Old Woman endured an series of unrelenting episodes which would watch do eitherone want to kill themselves but at her old age, instead of appearing doubtful and full of regret, like Candide, she looked at the bright side and still had the require to live her life even if it began with hardships.Suicide is seen a very coward like act in the eyes of society, back then and today. Especially for one who practices Christian values. It understructure be said that one of the reasons why a person who would commit such an act of violence against themselves is because that person does not value and love their give birth self enough to stop feeling sorry and down for themselves and know that theyre worth more than anything, pick up the pieces and themselves back up.The Old Woman did not start off well in life, being the daughter of a Pope did not mean that she had been granted a place in the humanness or had started off with a sunny predisposition, quite the contrary, instead she was the product of a woman and a man who disobeyed the vows of celibacy. with that said, her parents, her dad more than anything, had bore shame upon themselves. In their eyes, her sole existence was illegitimate. The Old Woman, as wise as she was, was also strong. People with strong mentalities are able to endure and survive obstacles that others would commit given up on long ago.The old woman thought that loving life was a ridiculous weakness that one that chooses to carry a burden that no one wants to cast on the ground, to hold existence in horror and to cling to it? To fondle the serpent which devours us till it has eaten divulge our heart? we as humans, can be weak sometimes and succumb to renounce own lives in order to end pain and suffer ing of a situation that we feel that we have no control over and go out not be able to surpass. The old woman endured many tragedies but still, she travel above them. She was widowed at a young age, raped, sold, enslaved, not to mention had half of her butt eatenAny womans from this day and age wouldnt think twice approximately committing suicide over losing half of a butt Being the daughter of a Pope didnt ensure that she was going to be protected in any way against the hardships she had to bear to get to where she was as she related to Candide and Miss Cunegonde. The only reason why she told her story to them was because they both provoked her by talking virtually their own petty misfortunes compared to what she had been through. Weather a person believes in God or not, life is something that must be cherished while we still have it.There are extreme episodes of trauma that we can experience and at times feel like we wont survive that particular experience and commit suicide, just clear and terminate with our burdens right then and there. It seems very easy, thats why some people choose that route. Those that persevere dont choose the easy way and are resilient to a world that shows no mercy. Any human being that has walked the face of this earth and has had a traumatic event happen to them at one point in their lives and that didnt choose suicide as their last resort is a hero in their own way.They are heroes of their own lives and their own fate. In the end, one will still continue to go though the motions of life and new problems will always arise. Life will go on. Those that have become resilient to vexed life experiences only become wiser and stronger and are able to deal with other tough situations. That is the reason why the old woman was able to make it to her old age of course, she didnt get to be who she was, a strong willed woman who was determined to live by giving up.

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On Dumpster Diving Review

In the article On Dumpster Diving, Eighner states After all, the finding of objects is becoming something of an urban art (455). This shows Eighner is not embarrassed about this pull because it really is meaningful and helps him to survive. Although this art is view for so many people as disgusting, after reading this article and analyzing it, dumpster diving involve certain skills, noesis and values that makes me think when using them, dumpster diving is a whole different thing than just a nasty practice.I can recall the time I threw good food, supplies and even clothes that I thought were not useful or simply I did not like anymore, and regret it because it makes me make love like the type of college students Eighner mentions in his writing. To live in the streets I must anticipate my needs to a certain extent I must plunk up and save warm bedding I find in August because it will not be found in Dumpsters in November (406).It is tall(prenominal) how people like us with our h ands full of privileges call some things garbage while for those that lack of them have to take advantage to sustain their lives in the present and the future. Now, I am certain that my trash will look different, or otherwise it will make me feel bad since I know someone else might want that piece of bread or need that pair of shoes. As I read over and over Eighners lines he looks wiser to me. He emphasizes the value of things and how anything becomes useful, or in other words sustainability things of interest turn up every day and some days are finds of smashing value. I personally think the main point of this writing is to open peoples eyes and see how we do not appreciate anything more or less us, and not only the material stuff but also our environment and community. We do not take care of our natural resources and waste them as if they were infinite, we do the same with our things, we stereotype people without thinking that every single person in different. And if all togeth er put a little of interest and cream toward our community, it would make sustainability easier.

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Preface to ‘Joseph Andrews’

In his Preface to Joseph Andrews, field claims that human vices in his novel are never set forth as the objects of ridicule yet detestation. To what extent are Joseph Andrews and Robinson Crusoe concerned with issues of religion?Despite the fact that Joseph Andrews and Robinson Crusoe approach their concern with issues of morality differently, they both(prenominal) interrogate the subject to the extent whereby, through turn up the majority of both novels, they reveal and question existing ideals of decrees principles Robinson Crusoe initiates that aspect of the novels treatment of experience which rivals the confessional autobiography and outdoes other literary forms in bringing us close to the inward moral organism of the individual (Watt, 75). This quote summarises the argument ahead and captures Defoes intentions.It is also one of the umteen critical debates that surround this concern, that accentuate how handle and Defoes involvement in this matter is significant and most revolutionary. Whereas Watts comment below encapsulates what Fielding aims to achieve Fielding gets to broaden our moral sense rather than to intensify its punitive operations against licentiousness. (Watt, 283). Both of the above quotations provide an insight into both writers vernal and innovative approaches that can be considered to be quite rebellious, compared to other works from the eighteenth century.Throughout Andrew Wrights essay titled Joseph Andrews Art as Art, it is argued that Fielding relys that the function of the novel is to provide a paradigm of civilisation which is above the level of ordinary moral imperatives (Wright, 24). Thus, one may assume that Fieldings intention is to set a raised barrier of morality in order to demonstrate how low civilisation measures up to it. He also contends that in that location is much evidence within and outside Fieldings novels to evoke that Fielding did not have high hopes for human beings to require perfect or for family to transform and become flawless.This pessimism entails that human beings are hopeless. However, Fielding wrote in The True Patriot on November 12th, 1745 that there are slightly imperfections perhaps innate in our Constitution, and others too inveterate and established, to be eradicated to these, wise and prudent Men leave alone rather submit, than hazard shocking the Constitution itself by a rash Endeavour to remove them (Wright, 30). This statement implies that Fieldings exploration of vices within the narrative was not designed to change civilisation plainly to reveal its comportment in all veracity.Wright almost discusses the same notion and argues that it is impossible to make a bad man good, and good men will very probably grow wise without much prompting. The function of art, therefore- and if this is not a tautology- is to provide a kind of ideal delight (Wright, 30). Therefore, it is fair to suggest that Fielding does not intend to improve society or change the nature of human kind. Instead, he aims to encourage acceptance of civilisation his revelation of flaws is suppose in order to allow his readers to find a way of rejoicing them.Thus, morality is a significant theme within the narrative and could be argued to be the purpose of the book. The rationale as to why this does not appear obvious or heightened is because it is not a concept of morality that is usually highlighted or celebrated. indoors this balance of rejection and acceptance, Fielding creates a new type of morality and delight and this can be reinforced in book three, chapter three, when Wilson unfolds his tale of moral impairment and debauchery in London I soon prevented it.I represented him in so low a Light to his mistress, and made so good an substance abuse of Flattery, Promises, and PresentsI prevailed the poor Girl, and conveyd her away from her Mother In a word, I debauched her. -(At which Words, Adams started up, fetchd three Strides across the Room, and accordingly replaced himself in his Chair. ) You are not more affected with this part of my story than myself I assure you it will never be sufficiently repented in my birth Opinion (Fielding, 180).This extract promotes acceptance of meanspiritedity and shamelessness. The way in which Adams reacts for a moment and then replaces himself in his chair demonstrates a sense of tolerance plainly also acknowledgment. This is symbolic of Fieldings approach to morality throughout the entire novel it is important to be aware of corruption but to attempt to repent it could cause more damage. Similarly to Joseph Andrews, Robinson Crusoe shows umpteen preoccupations with the concept of morality.However, more so than Fielding (although Fielding also uses this device), Defoe utilises religion in order to go over a social moral code he uses the boundaries and margins of religion in order to measure Robinson Crusoes principles. For example, the novel presents a protestant work ethical code where success i n business, in biography is a message that you will go to heaven. Throughout the novel, Crusoe suggests that God is capitalist and that material increase suggests spiritual happiness and a closer relationship to God.This is evident on many occasions throughout the novel, for example, Crusoe converts Friday to Christianity and relates closer and closer to God as the novel progresses From these things I began to study him in the knowledge of the true God. I told him that the great Maker of all things lived up there, pointing up towards Heaven. That He governs the world by the same Power and miserliness by which He made it. That He was omnipotent, could do everything for us, give everything to us, take everything from us and thus by degrees I opened his eyes. (Defoe, 213). The significance of the theme of morality (or the Protestant religion as it is referred to within the novel) can also be reinforced by the way in which Crusoe teaches and learns intimately religion and p put acro sses about its air to others, much(prenominal) as Friday. This is also evident within Joseph Andrews as the reader witnesses Josephs attempts to gain attributes similar to Joseph from the bible. For example, he is seen as a father grade within his community. Within his essay, Robinson Crusoe and the state of nature, Maximillian E.Novak argues that Defoe was not only delineating the condition of man in the state of nature but also the cultural and governmental evolution which, by transforming the state of nature, created civilisation and government (Novak, 23). This suggests that Defoe contributed to a more polished and advanced society that was in the making at the time of the novels publication. He discusses three opinions on the private physical men that were current in Defoes day one being that despite being isolated, man would achieve the same intellectual and moral condition that he would if he ould were raised in society. (Novak, 23). Although the category that Novak feels Crusoe belongs to is the third whereby he survives his solitude, but he is always afraid, always cautious. Defoe recognised the benefits of the state of nature, but he believed that the freedom and purity of Crusoes island were minor advantages compared to the comfort and security of civilisation. (Novak, 23). This view implies that human beings almost do not exist without society because they are so formulated by society that without it, there is nothing left.Novak suggests this when he states that human beings are more affluent in society than alone and isolated. This therefore entails that it is society that provides our moral grounding and that aspects of society such as religion are prevailing of what we believe to be right and wrong. Thus, religion is our guide to life and what encourages us to follow codes of moral conduct it is Puritan individualism which controls his spiritual being (Watt, 74). This can be emphasised within the text as the reader follows Crusoes spiritua l journey.The reader witnesses how God brings Crusoe back onto the track of Providence which is why he has to learn everything, including how to behave. Throughout Joseph Andrews, religion acts as a principal for people to live by and the characters that live up to the standards are used to set an example, such as Joseph. Creating another relationship between both texts, religion is a way for morality to succeed Fielding makes moral characters virtuous and successful, he also mocks the immoral society that does not have religious beliefs and thus shows that morals equal success.While Defoe shows that religion provides Crusoe with moral demeanour. This has an underlying tone of significance about human beings deportment and what we need to survive, as we observe how Crusoe needs routine and time in order to allow him to feel as though he has control. This also relates to the politically charged atmosphere of the time about the need for a ruling monarchy and colonialism because the proceeds demonstrated how the public were unable to direct their own lives they needed demands from unequivocal figures in order to provide them with comfort and assurance.For example, Crusoe recreates what he knows from England, such as, farming and building In about a year and a half I had a flock of about twelve goats, kids and all and in two years more I had three and forty, besides several that I took and killed for my food. And after(prenominal) that I enclosed five several entraps of ground to feed them in, with little pens to drive them into, to take them as I wanted, an gates out of one piece of ground into another (Defoe, 146).Consequently, both Joseph Andrews and Robinson Crusoe are concerned with morality to the extent that they aim to produce ideals of morality that they believe to be revolutionary compared to the capitalist society from which they derive from. Ian Watt argues that the highest spiritual values had been attached to the performance of the daily task, the next step was for the autonomous individual to regard his achievements as a quasi-divine master of the environment. It is likely that this secularisation of the Calvinist conception of stewardship was of considerable importance for the rise of the novel (Watt, 74).Thus, it can be argued that not only were Joseph Andrews and Robinson Crusoes moral pith innovative and enlightening, they were also significant contributors to the rise of the novel and a new way of thinking. This renaissance can be considered as an essential element of the restoration of the time. The fact that Watt explores both novels and novelists in his book The Rise of the Novel also accentuates this notion. Throughout her critical study of eighteenth century literature, Pat Rogers discusses the background of the writers of the time.She suggests that it was literatures responsibility to reflect reality and also make sense of it to distil general laws and detect patterns in seemingly random occurrences (Rogers , 11). This is evident in both novels, for example, the way in which Fielding crafts a ingenuous representation of the moral state of society within Joseph Andrews Your doll talks of servants as if they were not born of the Christian Specious. Servants have flesh and blood as well as quality (Fielding, 260).It is also a dominant feature of Robinson Crusoe whereby there are many references to the immoral nature of English society greatly concerned to secure myself from any attack in the night, either from wild beasts or men (Defoe, 74). For example, this suggests that men are the equivalent to wild beasts and also just as threatening, implying that men have become corrupt and out of control, showing a lack of consideration for the rest of society. Thus both novels formulate parodies of the truth that reveal the decay of decency and morality.Rogers supports this argument and reinforces both writers methods of portraying such ideals they deal for the most part with the experience of everyday of men and women in society their tone was plain and worldly, they sought to avoid a recondite air, and they address the reader with easy confidencethe actions of other people form the most obvious objects of our moral perceptions when we make moral judgements, we apply ourselves decisions we have made about the behaviour of others. Not only do we perceive that an act is right or wrong, but we assign merit or blame to the perpetrator of the act. (Rogers, 147). To conclude, both novels have dominant themes of morality, Joseph Andrews concentrates on everyday life and behaviour and Robinson Crusoe approaches morality from a broader perspective and through the characteristic of religion. Consequently, both novels attack the negative attributes of society and mankind in a rather satirical manner they observe the truth about peoples principles and encourage enthusiasm for the reader to reach their own conclusions, in order for them to recognise flaws.Not only are both books inno vative and rather rebellious, but they can both be considered as aboriginal stimulants for the rise of the novel. Historical evidence of the eighteenth century and the tradition of writing at the time can also support both writers objectives in incorporating such dominant themes of morality. This is because of the lack of individualism and the control of a newly capitalist civilisation. Therefore, overall there is much evidence to support this argument and many existing critical debates, to suggest that both Fielding and Defoe are deeply concerned with the issues of morality.Both Joseph Andrews and Robinson Crusoe can be read as a reflection of life and human behaviour to the extent whereby they highlight the state of morality and its function within society. Bibliography Bell, A. Ian. Defoes Fiction. Kent Biddles Ltd, 1985. Butt, John. Fielding. London Longmans, Green & Co Ltd, 1959. Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe. Berkshire Penguin Books Ltd, 1994. Fielding, Henry. Joseph Andrews , Shamela. Oxford Oxford UP, 1999. Novak, E. Maximillian. Defoe and the spirit of Man. Oxford Oxford UP, 1963. Macalister, Hamilton. Literature in Perspective- Fielding. London Evans Brothers Limited, 1967. Paulson, Ronald. Fielding- A Collection of Critical Essays. New Jersey Prentice Hall Inc, 1962. Rogers, Pat. The Context of English Literature- The 18th Century. London Methuen & Co Ltd, 1978. Watt, Ian. The Rise of the Novel. London Chatto & Windus, 1963. Wright, Andrew. Henry Fielding Mask and Feast. London Chatto & Windus, 1968.

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High School vs College Essay

A great education is an important part of ones life. To achieve a good education, one should attend both high direct and college. Although some people think high take aim has a lot in common with college, I find them to be very deport issueent. After graduating from high take aim, I enrolled into college and noticed that there argon many a(prenominal) differences between them. A few of these differences include the cadence of work given to the students, and the attitude and responsibilities of the teachers and students as well. First of all, high school is the first step to a higher(prenominal) level of learning. This place equips us with the squargon-toed copeledge needed in order to survive college and other(a) higher levels of learning. The topics being taught in high school are generalized in primary Math, Science, English, foreign languages, and many other subjects.The students are more relaxed and their responsibilities are not that complicated and heavy in a sense that there are fewer requirements and their due dates are not immediate. risque schools have been criticized for not giving enough homework or namings to its students. The main contrast between the two educational institutions is the workload that is given to the students by the teachers. While I was care high school, I could go days without having any homework during the entire week. High schools are characterized for assigning a single homework assignment or task per class or even per day. On other hand, there are many ship canal in which the attitudes of the teachers in high school differ from the attitudes of the teachers in college. In high school, the majority of the teachers seem to be stricter and have more rules for the students to follow. High school teachers are responsible for making sure each student obeys those rules to the fullest extent and carry out disciplinary actions for those who do not obey them. maven example in which a teacher has taken on a disciplinary ac tion was when students were tardy or skipped their scheduled class, the students usually received handle along with an F for the day. I have alike noticed high school teachers have strict rules to obey given to them by a higher authority. These rules include no eating or drinking in class, and sometimes not even chewing gum. Another way in which the attitude of the teachers differ is that in high school the teachers seems to be more responsible for what they swear and have to make sure they do not curse or say something that can offend a student. If a high school teacher offends a student, thestudent has the privilege to complain to the principal, and most(prenominal) of the time the teacher has to take full responsibility. Furthermore, the attitude of students in high school and college also differs greatly in ways such as their dedication to schoolwork and to learning.High school students believe they most attend to class because they are being forced by the law or because the ir parents insist them to attend, and not because it helps for their future. The majority of high school students start the school year with excitement, but as the time goes, they be get laid frustrated and bored. They begin questioning why they are in school, or what the mark of doing homework is. While I was in high school, I had the opportunity to notice that many students prefer to goof during class time rather than doing their assignments. For the most part, high school students do not take their courses as seriously as they should. Moreover, there is always a class clown or mortal tending to sleep, or even carrying a private conversation with other classmates during lectures.In contrast to high school, college is very specific and cautious about studying. In college, I was told by one of my instructors that a college student is expected to study for three hours a week, per credit. The subjects a student will learn and discuss are much more specific since you finally chose a career path you will take in the future. College students are notorious more bestride, but also more responsible causing their workload to be more complex and heavier. Responsibility encourage changed for the simple fact that the curriculum is much more wearisome and complicated due to the detailed topics that are discussed regarding your chosen career path. A college student may be given several tasks or homework assignment to do all that the same time for one class. For example, as a college student I have been given several pages to read from a schoolbook and a seven hundred word paper as well.Although colleges requires attendances and many of them try to enforce it some teachers do not. While I am attending college, I am now up to(p) to see the difference between how there are some teachers who feel it is the students responsibility to come to class or not. If a student chooses to skip the class, the teacher will rarely say something to the student. However, even if colleges instructors are considered more flexible than any other teachers, students usually get an F for the day in which they are absents. Colleges provide a huge variety of freedom and independence to its studentsbecause they believe students should be mature enough to make their own decisions on whether to attend a class or not. In contrast to high school teachers, college instructors are even up to(p) to say almost anything they want regardless of whether it offends someone or not such as in the occasion when a college instructor said, We dont need more black people around here during one of his lectures. By the time students get accepted at colleges, most of them already know their educational goals.Through my time spent in college I have realized students have the mindset to succeed in college because they want to be able to achieve their goals. People who decide to attend to college are working towards obtaining a higher level degree, and not just to play around on campus, or to was te their time pretending to pay attention. This is a higher level of learning, thus, requiring more time, and effort as well as devotion to studies. High school and college are very important in the educational processes because often one cannot get a good job without a well-developed education. This education frequently comes from having a high school diploma and a college degree. Although high school and college carry some of the same features they also have several differences between them. Some of the ways which high school and college differ include the amount of work given to the students, the teachers attitudes and responsibilities, and the students attitudes and responsibilities as well. High school and college play important parts in the lives of many people although they may be thought as similar, they also differ in several ways.

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Philippine Lit Essay

Literature and history are closely interrelated. In discovering the history of a race, the feelings, aspirations, customs and traditions of a people are sure to be included . . . and these feelings, aspirations, customs and traditions that are written is literature. History can also be written and this too, is literature. Events that can be written push d protest are part of true literature. Literature, therefore, is part of history. Literature and history, however, also pack differences.Literature may be figments of the imagination or events devoid of truth that scram been written down, while history is palee up of events that really happened. The Pre-Spanish Period Long before the Spaniard and other foreigners landed on Philippine shores, our forefathers already had their own literature stamped in the history of our race. Our ancient literature shows our customs and traditions in everyday life as trace in our folk stories, old plays and short-circuit stories. Our ancestors al so had their own alphabet which was different from that brought by the Spaniards.The first alphabet used by our ancestors was similar to that of the Malayo-Polynesian alphabet. Whatever record our ancestors left were either burned by the Spanish friars in the belief that they were works of the devil or were written on materials that easily perished, like the barks of trees, dried leaves and bamboo cylinders which could not have remained undestroyed even if efforts were made to preserve them. Other records that remained showed folk songs that proved existence of a native culture truly our own.Some of these were passed on by battle cry of mouth till they reached the hands of some publishers or printers who took interest in printing the manuscripts of the ancient Filipinos. The Spaniards who came to the Philippines tried to prove that our ancestors were really fond of poetry, songs, stories, riddles and proverbs which we still have sex today and which serve to show to generations th e true culture of our people. Pre-Spanish Literature is characterized by A. LEGENDS. Legends are a form of prose the common theme of which is about the origin of a thing, place, location or name.The events are imaginary, devoid of truth and unbelievable. Old Filipino customs are reflected in these novels. Its aim is to entertain. Here is an example of a legend is THE LEGEND OF THE TAGALOGS. B. FOLK TALES. Folk tales are made up of stories about life, adventure, love, horror and humor where one can derive lessons about life. These are recyclable to us because they help us appreciate our environment, evaluate our personalities and improve our perspectives in life. An example of this is THE MOON AND THE SUN. C. THE EPIC AGE.Epics are long narrative poems in which a series of heroic achievements or events, usually of a hero, are dealt with at length. Nobody can determine which epics are the oldest because in their translations from other languages, even in English and Spanish. We can only determine their origins from the time mentioned in the said epics. Aside from the aforementioned epics, there are still other epics that can be read and studied like the following epics. a. Bidasari-Moro epic b. Biag ni Lam-ang-Ilokano epic c. Maragtas-Visayan epic d. Haraya-Visayan epic e. Lagda-Visayan epic f.Epigrams, Riddles, Chants, Maxims, Proverbs or Sayings 1. Epigrams (Salawikain). These have been customarily used and served as laws or rules on good behavior by our ancestors. To others, these are like allegories or parables that impart lessons for the young. 2. Riddles (Bugtong) or Palaisipan. These are made up of one or more measured lines with rhyme and may consist of four to 12 syllables. 3. Chant (Bulong). Used in witchcraft or enchantment. 4. Maxims. Some are rhymed couplets with verses of 5, 6 or 8 syllables, each line having the same number of syllables. 5. Sayings (Kasabihan).Often used in teasing or to comment on a persons actuations. 6. Sawikain (Sayings wit h no hidden meanings) The Spanish Period (1565-1898) It is an accepted belief that the Spanish colonization of the Philippines started in 1565 during the time of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the first Spanish governor-general in the Philippines. Literature started to flourish during his time. This spurt continued unabated until the Cavite Revolt in 1872. The Spaniards colonized the Philippines for more than three centuries. During these times, many changes occurred in the lives of Filipinos.They embraced the Catholic religion, changed their names, and were baptized. Their lifestyles changed too. They built houses mad of stones and bricks, used beautiful furniture like the piano and used kitchen utensils. Carriages, trains and boats were used as gist of travel. They held fiestas to honor the saints, the pope and the governors. They had cockfights, horse races and the theater as means of recreation. This gave rise to the formation of the different classes of society like the rich and the landlords. Some Filipinos finished courses like medicine, law, agriculture and teaching.

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Extinct Animals

Animal that has g whizz extinct ( Alasmidonta mccordi The Coosa elktoe, scientific name Alasmidonta mccordi, was a species of freshwater mussel, an aquatic bivalve mollusk in the family Unionidae, the river mussels. This species was autochthonal to the United States. pic I didnt manage to find any specific ecological role of Coosa Elktoe, however I found the ecological role of mussels. Mussels fun a key role in aquatic environments and are considered to be ecosystem engineers because they modify aquatic habitat, making it more suitable for themselves and other organisms.One of the valuable functions performed by mussels is capturing organic matter from the water column when they siphon, processing it to build body and shell, excreting nutrients that are immediately available to plant life and then depositing the remain organic material to the sediment making it available for other invertebrates and fish to consume. During this feeding process, the mussels clean the water they live in by removing phytoplankton and the bacteria and fungus kingdom that are attached to the non living organic particles they have removed from the water column.Other undesirable particles and chemicals are bound in the mussels pseudo feces and deposited on the river bottom. This species was cognise only from a single specimen collected from the Coosa River in St. Clair County, Alabama and after its extermination the River was observed and there were no changes found, therefore, I suppose its extinction had no effects on ecology or if it did the effects are not significant and cannot be observed. realm Animalia Phylum Mollusca Class class Pelecypoda Order Unionoida Family Unionidae Genus Alasmidonta Alasmidonta mccordi was listed in 1996 (Baillie and Groombridge 1996) as Critically Endangered due to insufficient survey information. In 2000, surveys confirmed that A. mccordi is Extinct (Bogan 2000) and there has been no kick upstairs evidence in recent years to suggest other wise.This species is considered to be Extinct. Impoundment of the Coosa River is thought to have caused the extinction of this species. Animal that is endangered ( Brotia pageli This species occurs in mountain streams in Western Borneo, from Sabah to South Kalimantan. At present it is only known from the type locality, Sabah, east Malaysia, Borneo and one other location in south-west Indonesian Borneo. Brotia pageli requires well-oxygenated, small, understandably mountain streams, preferring rocky or pebble substrates.It is mainly found in mud, on stones, or under leaves and therefore is only present in remnant patches of rainforest. ecological role same as Alasmidonta mccordi ( mussel ). pic There is a continuing decline in the extent of occurrence, area of occupancy and the extent and quality of this species habitat as a result of the slash-and-burn agriculture, intensive logging and deforestation taking place across Borneo. Further research is needed into the species current u niverse of discourse status and impacts of deforestation. Kingdom Animalia Phylum Mollusca Class Gastropoda Superfamily Cerithioidea Family Pachychilidae Genus Brotia Animal that was endangered but now it is not ( American bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) denuded eagles are one of the largest birds in North America with a wing span of 6-8 feet. Females tend to be larger than males. They live up to 40 years in the wild, and prolonged in captivity.Bald eagles are monogamous and have one life partner. pic Bald eagles live near large bodies of open water such as lakes, marshes, glide and rivers. They nest and roost in tall trees. The eagles live in every US state except Hawaii. They use a specific territory for nesting, winter feeding or a year-round residence. Their natural domain is from Alaska to California, and from Maine to Florida. Bald eagles that reside in the northern USA and Canada migrate to the warmer southern areas during the winter to obtain easier access to food.They feed primarily on fish, but also eat small animals such as ducks, rabbits, turtles, snakes, etc. Bald eagle population numbers have been estimated to be 300 000 to viosterol 000 birds in the early 1700s. Their population fell to less than 10 000 nesting pair by the 1950s, and to less than 500 pairs by the early 1960s. This population decline was caused by the mass shooting of eagles, the use of pesticides on crops, the destruction of habitat, and the contamination of waterways and food sources by a across-the-board range of poisons and pollutants.For many years, the use of DTT pesticide crops caused thinning of eagle egg shells, which often broke during incubation. The use of DDT pesticide was outlawed in USA and Canada in 1972/73. This run contributed greatly to the return of the bald eagle. The Bald Eagle was listed as Endangered in most of the U. S. from 1967 to 1995, when it was slighted upgraded to Threatened in the lower 48 states. The number of nesting pairs of B ald Eagles in the lower 48 states had increased from less than 500 in the early 1960s to over 10,000 in 2007.They had recovered sufficiently to delist them from Threatened status on June 28, 2007. Since delisting, the primary law protecting Bald Eagles has shifted from the Endangered Species Act to the Bald and Golden Eagle Act. Although Bald Eagles have made an encouraging comeback throughout the U. S. A. since the early 60s, they continue to be face hazards that must be closely monitored and controlled. Even though illegal, Bald Eagles are still harassed, injured and killed by guns, traps, great power lines, windmills, poisons, contaminants and destruction of habitat. Kirill Tashilov

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Call of Duty Essay

Premise A new action-thriller halting with adroit soldiers and an arsenal of advanced, powerful, modern day firepower whom try and take down enemy combatants. The brutal opposition be threatening the world in various settings and scenarios. A story with twists and turns about soldiers fighting using some(prenominal) ground-war technology and aerial strikes on a battlefield where speed, accuracy, and communication be the major factors in victory. literary genre Call for go through is a inaugural-person hitman (FPS) which the persons cross hairs are coiffed in the center of the screen and everything happens around it.Platform Call for action has four different platforms. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. The silk hat platform for this gamy is PlayStation 3, because of its superior graphics software, easier admitling, and less hardware malfunctions. These reasons have been approved and guaranteed by users. The insurgent best platform for this feisty is Xbox 360. It bottom of the inning handle the graphic and its easy to control, like PlayStation 3. Microsoft Windows and Wii are the some early(a) platforms which wad be used in order to playing period Call for Action.Backstory The story takes place in the year 2011, where several U.S. Sergeants and British SAS members find a nuclear weapon on a ship traveling to Africa. After the evacuations, they find evidence of ties between Germans and Russians. At the like time, the Russians want to head off hatful in order to achieve their address. So they hire a local separatist leader, called Ivan, to draw the president of the United States to keep the military away.USMC 1st Force Recon team must find and bringing the president, but during the operation, United States Central Command is notified by Seal Team Six of a German nuclear weapon. Later on British SAS find and interrogate Ivan, he exposes that the German leader supplied the nuclear bomb in order to sta rt World War III. Therefore, A combined operation, by U.S. Sergeants and British SAS members, is taken on to stop German leader.Target Rating Call for Actions place is M which stands for Mature. Content is generally suitable for ages seventeen and up because the content contains vehement blood and gore, intense violence, and strong language.Target Market This zippy is originally for residents of the US, but later it can be on tap(predicate) to another(prenominal) countries. The target audience is mostly teens generally above the age of 17. On the other hand, the halting is only rated M because of parents not wanting their children playing a coarse-grained with some blood in it. A game should only be rated M if it has sexual scenes not because of blood.Player Motivation This game has two versions, the fist version is, playing the normal mode which the player goes through the story and tries to mop up the game, and the second version is the online version which players leave behind compete with their friends in an online mode. Call for Action has a hardening of motivations. First, the game finising scene is the player needing to find the Germans leader in Africa and kill him. If the player kills him, he/she has the right to destroy the nuclear weapon. Second, in this game, not only you can kill people, but you can also drive a tank or a car. Third, when the player finishes the story, the game will make water the player a set of special weapons for the online gaming.UPS There are some unique things in the game and about the game which makes it special. First, in this game players can shoot with their weapons, drive a car, or play as a pilot. (Drive an airplane) Second, it has a very high quality and graphic which gives the real feeling of the game. Third, it uses the PlayStations dual shocks, so every time players get hit, it will start shaking. The last reason that makes this game special is that players can check their friends progress and follow th em. Therefore, this game helps the players to experience the war situations and teach the inevitable information and acts that people need to do during the war.Competitive Analysis There are three other games which could be considered competitors of Call of Action. The offset game called Battlefield 3. This game is a archetypal person shooter by a Swedish developer. According to Wikipedia, In-game, the European Union and the United States fight China and the midst Eastern Coalition. It is known that in the games story, the EU and the US are allies and the EU has negotiated a peace deal with Russia. The platforms for this game are same as Call for Action. (Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360)The second game is Call of Duty Black Ops II which was developed by Treyarch. According to Wikipedia, Black Ops II is the first game in the Call of Duty franchise to feature future warfare technology and the first to present branching storylines driven by player choice. It also off ers a 3D display option. In this game the player campaign features two connected storylines, with the first set from 1986 to 1989 during the final years of the first Cold War, and the other set in 2025 during a second Cold War.The platforms for this game are PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and Wii. The three game is Blacklight which was developed by Zombie Studios. According to Wikipedia, Zombie is planning to make Blacklight a multimedia system franchise that will include the video game, a feature film, and a trilogy of comic books. The idea was concepted by Zombie executives which later pitched the idea to several film and comic book production companies. The platforms for this game are Games for Windows Live, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade.Based on the other three descriptions and Call for Action description, Call for Action has more options and futures. It may not be better than Call of Duty Black Ops II, but has the same quality and features. In this g ame, you can fly a plan, drive a car, or a tank. It will use the dual shock in order to give the real feelng to the player. It will attract players to finish the story by giving them prizes at the end. Therefore, it can be one the top competitions in the market.Goals The goal of this game is to give a player the time to enjoy, learn, and challenge themselves. In this game people can spend time and put themselves in a war situation. What needs to be done? How to control a gun? How to communicate with people in an emergency situation? Players can learn the make believe of all guns and get to know their specifications, how they are working and what they are good for. Also in an online game, people can compete with each other. Players can see their friends progress and play with them, or players can charm their friends, gather a team, and fight with other people. In this case, people will communicate with each other and learn a lot about the game by asking or watching other people pla ying.

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Reconstruction Era

The reconstruction Era Jessica Onken American History Since 1865 Professor Tim Johnston August 2, 2010 reconstructive memory 2 The Reconstruction Era The reconstruction era was a difficult time for the African American slaves from 1865 to 1877 because the slaves were freed and in that location were no jobs for them, had very little or no education, and had very limited opportunity in the southeasternmost. Reconstruction was one of the most critical plosive speech sounds in American History. The civic War changed the nation trework forcedously, and most significantly by bringing an end to slavery.Reconstruction was a achievement of great promise, hope, and progress for African Americans, and a period of resentment and resistance for many white greyers. The time period for the Reconstruction era was in 1865 to 1877, when the coupled States was rebuilding and reuniting after the Civil War. In 1865, four years of brutal deconstruction in the Civil War came to an end, 600,000 Amer ican soldiers broken their lives. Four million enslaved African Americans were emancipated. The south was laid to waste railroads, factories, farms, and cities were destroyed.Abraham capital of Nebraska was elected president during that time. Abraham capital of Nebraska k impertinently once the expresss confederacy were restored to the union, the Republicans would be weakened unless they put an end to universe a sectional party. Lincoln hoped for peace and to attract commonwealth of the former south who supported the Republicans scotch policies. During the Era of Reconstruction, it was highly unstable because while many Northerners saw this as a chance to all told end slavery and have the south merged back into the United States, many in the south saw this as an insult and another(prenominal) injury of the loss of the Civil War.Lincolns plans during this time were to free more slaves and grant freedom. At the end of the Reconstruction Era, freedoms were granted under the 13t h, fourteenth, and fifteenth Amendments, but were not entirely effective. The moral views through religions before and after the war of the north and south Reconstruction 3 were diametric. With different opinions flowing, the Presbyterian and Methodist churches split into Northern and Southern functions. The Southern churches supported slavery and believed that it was in like manner supported by the Bible.The north believed that no man should be held in captivity or confinement by another man. The north wanted to end slavery but still most of the Northerner did not consider the lightlessness man to be equal to them. There were some(prenominal)(prenominal) Northerners that did believe all men are created equal. close to Northerners showed strong emotions about the eradication of slavery that they became violent. Most of the Northerners did not change after the war, which caused the segregation that act until the 1960s.In 1865, the Ku Klux Klan was started in Tennessee to stop blacks from taking advantage of their unused uprights. Members from the Ku Klux Klan would beat and murder blacks to keep them from having rights. Northern soldiers were stationed in the south to enforce the Reconstruction laws. The soldiers made sure blacks could ballot in elections, be treated unless like the white people, go to school, and they were also there to keep on any attacks from happening by the Confederate whites. In 1869, the Southern governments started to end control by the North in Tennessee and Virginia. well-nigh of the power of the Southerners was regained to run their get state governments, which made the Northerners have less influence on the southern governments. The reason for the southerners joining the Ku Klux Klan was because they did not want blacks to have rights such as voting, owning land, freedom, be treated fairly at jobs, participate in court trials, run for office, etc.. Southern white people were not for reconstructing governments. They wou ld not accept the black men that were once slaves as free black men who now had the right to Reconstruction 4 vote and participate in state government.As the nation started to celebrate the end of the war in April 1865, president Lincoln was shot and killed After Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson took over the process of the reconstruction. Johnson made the reconstruction less efficient. He forgave some ex-confederates and didnt take the same steady approaches as Lincoln did. Johnson was a southerner, and like Lincoln, a self educate man who climbed up the ladder from an inferior decent. Southerners were now making new laws called black codes, which meant it made blacks lives harder and to prevent them from using their new rights.Some codes forced blacks to work for a year, and if they didnt, they were thrown in jail for being unemployed, and also let them be whipped by their bosses. By enforcing labor contracts, and laws, the strict black codes kept freedmen tied to the pla ntation. This period was described as violence, revenge, retaliation, and eye for an eye against African Americans. The justice system of the south provided no rubber or assistance. The all white police force frequently terrorized African Americans, and the judges and other officials rarely prosecuted crimes against blacks.When the news of the black code laws and the violence against the freedmen spread to the North, it created outrage and fury. When the Northern soldiers were not positioned in the south to enforce Reconstruction laws, blacks had to live under the unpleasant, cruel, and unfair conditions caused by the black code laws. Johnson allowed the black codes to be passed which imposed heavy restrictions on freed African American slaves. Johnson was against the passage of a renewal of a new Freemans Bureau, which served as a positive organization for African Americans,Reconstruction 5 which would have allowed the black war veterans the right to vote. In 1867, Congress passe d a new Reconstruction Act, that threw out the state governments of states that refused to ratify the 14th amendment. The 15th amendment was ratified in 1870, providing a constitutional guarantee of voting rights for African American males. By 1870, the Northerner lost interest in reconstructing the south. The north tried to reconstruct the south and change southerners attitudes about black people.Although they failed at this because many southerners were still racists and believed that the white race was superior to others, blacks were not as good as southern white men. To add to that, the Northerners lost interest in the reconstruction, which gave southerners a chance to gain control of their state governments again. The main complaints against the Presidential Reconstruction were the Radical Republicans of Congress. New policy-making forces in the South gave way for new changes. During reconstruction, African Americans made huge political gains.They voted in large numbers and we re also elected to political office. African Americans were elected as sheriffs, mayors, legislators, Congressmen, and Senators. Even thought their participation was significant, it was exaggerated by white southerners incensed at the Black Republicans governments. Reconstruction governments built public schools for both black and white children. They also rebuilt and added more railroads, telegraph lines, bridges, and railroads. These costly efforts led to tax increases that made the southern whites more angry, which was why the Ku Klux Klan was created.By the mid 1870s, the Republicans were losing power, and the Northerners were degenerate of trying to reform the south. In 1872, Congress passed the Amnesty Act, which reinstated voting rights to almost all white southerners. By 1876, almost all southern s Reconstruction 6 states were back under the control of the Democrats. When Rutherford B. convert was elected president in 1877, the reconstruction came to an end. He removed th e remaining federal troops from the south. With no one left to enforce the reconstruction reforms, the Reconstruction was over. White Democrats remained in control of southern governments.Southern states denied African Americans from voting through voting restrictions such as the poll tax, grandfather clause, and the literacy test. Jim Crow Laws separated blacks and whites in restaurants, schools, theaters, railroads, hospitals, and all other public places. The Jim Crow Laws were clearly passed to ensure that black people could not distribute eh same things as white people. Such laws encouraged and promoted racial segregation and varied from district to district. Some call for black people to drink at separate fountains and use separate bathrooms than white people.Others required black people to give up seats on public buses if a white soul wanted their sear, and still others prohibited black people from attending the same schools as white people African Americans keep to be loo ked at as bador not equal as the white Americans. They were still victims of violence and intimidation. In the 1960s, with the Civil Rights movement, the African Americans were granted full protection of the 14th and 15th amendments. The period of the Reconstruction was one of great promise for the United States and for African Americans.During this period, African Americans continued to struggle for freedom and worked to improve their communities. Institutions of the African American community like the churches and schools were strengthened over time. though there were long term consequences of Reconstruction failures, the Reconstruction era provided a Constitutional basis for posterior attempts to end discrimination. Reconstruction 7 Although the Reconstruction era was a difficult time for the African Americans, with several failed attempts, in the end, the African Americans did finally get freedom and were allowed the same rights as the white Americans.References Carter, Hodding . (1959). The Angry print The Story of Reconstruction. New York Doubleday. Davidson, J. , Delay, B. , Heyrman, C. , Lytle, M. , Stoff, M. (2008). Nation of Nations. (vol. 2, 6th ed. ) New York McGraw-Hill. Dubowski, C. (1991). Andrew Johnson Rebuilding the Union. New Jersey Silver Burdett. Foner, Eric. (1988). Reconstruction Americas Unfinished Revolution 1863-1877. New York Harper & Row. Litwack, L. , (1979). Been in the Storm so Long. New York Random House.

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This, perhaps, is the most and only logical reasoning behind the lasting Of the cig atomic number 18tte industry. that as the product develops and more information is exposed to the public, calls to end the public distribution of cigarettes have braggy louder and spread into the world of politics more and more bigheartedly (Strobe). In order to help emend the health of people and to abide by moral standards, cigarettes should be legalized. When cigarettes were first introduced, they became extremely popular, primarily out-of-pocket to the addictive traits of the chemicals in the smoke.However, his had been a time before advance research revealed an astounding number of some other harmful chemicals within each cigarette, including components found in rat poison and ho occasion cleaning agents. Furthermore, not many had known of the instauration of tar and nicotine, which cigarettes are known to create and contain a jackpot of, respectively. Tar build up is now commonly known to be a leading shell of health problems in cigarette users, and nicotine is known as the addictive, artery-sealing leading component in cigarettes. Even further than the harm being through to smokers, back-hand smoke is also an absurdly active health problem.The effects of second hand smoke are exemplified by the fact that the damage done by this source IS done to non- smokers, punishing those who chose not to use cigarettes. Banning cigarette use will undoubtedly increase the boilers suit health of the American people, even if the former smokers believe they are suffering. Another point to be find in the existence of cigarettes as a commercial product is the moral aspect of it. Tobacco companies are completely aware of all the health lay on the lines imposed on smokers, yet they merely see their customers as income.Tobacco companies intentionally use extremely toxic chemicals simply to increase the addictive qualities of their product, completely disregarding the tax of huma n life for the value of their economic sustainability. Advertising by tobacco plant companies are also morally wrong, as recently it has been observed that certain advertisements are meant to target younger groups. This is meant as a trade strategy, as getting younger customers hooked means a longer lasting stream of income from a large group of individuals. This is yet another example of the inhumanity displayed y tobacco companies.While their industry is not the only example of a disregard for human health for economics, it is definitely one of the more prominent in todays society. To throw one step in a commanding direction to address the risk anything for the economy attitude, cigarettes should be legalized. The one positive that may have resulted in the formation of cigarettes is that the economy does, in some portion, rely on these large industries for a source of international wealth. However, the economy should not take a front seat over the well-being of the population s.Also, the existence of these massive commercial industries are confine the legalization process of far more serious alternatives, such as cannabis, or marijuana. Because of the fear of losing revenue, tobacco companies have attempted for some time to prevent the legalization of marijuana, which is known to have several positive effects and very few negatives. The existence of tobacco corporations effectively prevents further processes to allow use of this beneficial plant, in addition to lowering the cost to arrest those that possess marijuana.Therefore, the one positive created by the existence of the tobacco industry has created even more negatives. Due to the overwhelming health detriments and lack of morality, cigarette use should indeed be banned. The existence of the tobacco industry has created a multitude of problems, including the closing of doors leading to brighter alternatives. This printing is also spreading among the popular opinions of those in control of the med ia, further supporting the case that cigarettes are plainly poison, both literal and figurative.

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Spirit Bound Chapter Eighteen

THE THING THAT REALLY SUCKS ab f every out being psychic eithery linked to some sensation is that you leave a pretty good idea when theyre lyingor, in this case, non lying. Still, my response was immediate and instinctive.Thats not true.Isnt it? She gave me a pointed play. She too knew that I could feel the truth in her words. still that it abidet I wasnt at a loss for words very oftenand certainly not with Lissa. So frequently in our relationship, Id been the angiotensin-converting enzyme being assertive and explaining to her why things had to be the way they were. Somewhere along the way, with me not realizing it, Lissa had lost that fragility.Im sorry, she tell, vocalize static kind save when also firm. The bond betrayed how much she hated consecrateing me unpleasant things. He asked me t octogenarian me specifically not to allow you come. That he doesnt want to chink you.I stared at her pleadingly, my voice near child equal. only why? Why would he say that? Of co urse he wants to shape me. He must be confused.I dont know, Rose. All I know is what he told me. Im so sorry. She reached for me standardized she efficacy hug me, hardly I stepped away. My guide on was still reeling.Ill go with you bothway. Ill wait upstairs with the other guardians. Then, when you tell Dimitri Im there, hell tilt his mind.I dont think you should, she said. He thinkmed genuinely serious about you not coming around frantic. I think knowing youre there would upset him.Upset him? Upset him? Liss, its me He loves me. He unavoidably me.She winced, and I realized Id been shouting at her. Im just going on what he said. Its all so confusing please. Dont order me in this position. Just wait and visualise what happens. And if you want to know whats going on, you fuel ever hold wateringlyLissa didnt finish, precisely I knew what she was suggesting. She was offering to let me see her meeting with Dimitri finished the bond. It was a long gesture on her partnot that she could commit stopped me if I wanted to do it. Still, she didnt normally like the idea of being spied on. This was the best thing she could think of to make me feel better.Not that it really did. All of this was still crazy. Me being denied access to Dimitri. Dimitri allegedly not wanting to see me What the hell? My intestine reaction was to ignore everything shed just said and go along with her, demanding access when she arrived. The notions in the bond were implore me not to, though. She didnt want to create trouble. She might not understand Dimitris wishes either, alone she felt they should be esteemed until the situation could be better assessed.Please, she said. The plaintive word finally cracked me.Okay. It killed me to say it. It was like admitting defeat. mobilise of it as a tactical retreat.Thank you. This time she did hug me. I swear Ill get much information and figure out whats going on, okay?I nodded, still dejected, and we walked out of the building toge ther. With adamant reluctance, I parted with her when the time came, letting her go off to the guardians building while I headed toward my room. As soon as she was out of my sight, I immediately slipped into her head, watching through her eyes as she walked through the perfectly manicured grass. The bond was still a inadequate hazy but growing clearer by the minute.Her feelings were a jumble. She felt bad for me, guilty that shed had to refuse me. At the same time, she was anxious to visit Dimitri. She accepted to see him toobut not in the same way I did. She still had that feeling of obligation for him, that burning urge to protect him.When she arrived at the buildings main office, the guardian whod stopped me gave her a nod of salutation and then do a quick phvirtuoso call. A few moments later, three guardians entered and gestured for Lissa to follow them into the depths of the building. They all discovered unusually grim, even for guardians.You dont involve to do this, angiotensin-converting enzyme(a) and only(a) of them told her. Just because he keeps askingIts fine, she said with the cool, dignify air of any royal. I dont mind.Therell be plenty of guards around just like prevail time. You dont need to worry about your safety.She gave all of them a sharp emotional state. I was never worried about it to subvert with.Their descent into the buildings lower levels brought rear painful memories of when Dimitri and I had visited Victor. That had been the Dimitri Id had a perfect union with, the Dimitri who understood me entirely. And later on the visit, hed been enraged at Victors threats once against me. Dimitri had loved me so much that hed been willing to do anything to protect me.A make card-protected admission finally allowed access to the holding level, which consisted mostly of a long hallway lined with cellular telephones. It didnt hand over the depressing feel that Tarasov had had, but this places stark and steel-lined industrial air didnt exactly inspire warm and hirsute feelings.Lissa could hardly walk down the hall because it was so crowded with guardians. All that security for one person. It wasnt unrealizable for a Strigoi to break through a cells steel bars, but Dimitri was no Strigoi. Why couldnt they see that? Were they screen door?Lissa and her escort do their way through the crowd and came to a stop in front of his cell. It was as cold looking as everything else in this prison house area, with no to a greater extent furnishings than were absolutely required. Dimitri sat on the narrow bed, his legs drawn up to him as he leaned into a corner of the wall and kept his back to the cells entrance. It wasnt what I had expected. Why wasnt he beating at the bars? Why wasnt he demanding to be released and recounting them he wasnt a Strigoi? Why was he taking this so quietly?Dimitri.Lissas voice was soft and gentle, alter with a warmth that stood out against the harshness of the cell. It was the voice of an angel.And as Dimitri slowly turned around, it was obvious he conception so too. His expression transformed out front our eyes, going from bleakness to wonder.He wasnt the only one filled with wonder. My mind might have been tied to Lissas, but back across Court, my own consistency nearly stopped breathing. The glimpse Id gotten of him last night had been amazing. But this this full-on view of him looking at Lissaat mewas awe-inspiring. It was a wonder. A gift. A miracle.Seriously. How could anyone think he was a Strigoi? And how could I have possibly let myself believe the Dimitri Id been with in Siberia was this one? Hed cleaned up from the battle and wore jeans and a simple black T-shirt. His brown bull was tied back into a short ponytail, and a faint shadow across his lower count showed that he needed to shave. Probably no one would let him get near a razor. Regardless, it to the highest degree made him look sexiermore real, more dhampir. More alive. His eyes were wh at really pulled it all together. His death sporting skinnow gonehad always been startling, but those red eyes had been the worst. Now they were perfect. Exactly as they used to be. Warm and brown and long-lashed. I could have gazed at them forever.Vasilisa, he breathed. The sound of his voice made my chest tighten. God, Id missed hearing him speak. You came back.As soon as he began approaching the bars, the guardians around Lissa started close rank, ready to stop him should he indeed bust through. Back off she snapped in a queenlike tone, glaring at everyone around her. Give us some space. No one reacted right away, and she put more power into her voice. I mean it Step backI felt the slightest trickle of antic through our link. It wasnt a huge amount, but she was backing her words with a little spirit-induced compulsion. She could hardly watch such a large group, but the command had tolerable force to make them clear out a little and create space between her and Dimitri. She turned her attention back to him, demeanor right off changing from fierce to kind.Of course I came back. How are you? Are they She cast a dangerous look at the guardians in the hall. Are they treating you okay?He shrugged. Fine. Nobodys hurting me. If he was anything like his old self, he would have never admitted if anyone was hurting him. Just a make do of questions. So many questions. He sounded weary, again very unlike a Strigoi who never needed rest. And my eyes. They keep wanting to examine my eyes.But how do you feel? she asked. In your mind? In your heart? If the whole situation hadnt been so sobering, I would have been amused. It was very much a therapists line of questioningsomething both Lissa and I had experienced a lot of. Id hated being asked those questions, but now I truly wanted to know how Dimitri felt.His gaze, which had so intently cogitate on her, now drifted away and grew unfocused. Its its hard to describe. Its like Ive woken up from a dream. A nightmare. exchangeable Ive been watching someone else act through my bodylike I was at a motion picture or a play. But it wasnt someone else. It was me. All of it was me, and now here I am, and the whole human race has shifted. I feel like Im relearning everything.Itll pass. Youll get more used to it, once you settle back into your old self. That was a guess on her part, but one she felt confident of.He inclined his head toward the gathered guardians. They dont think so.They will, she said adamantly. We just need more time. A small silence fell, and Lissa hesitated before speaking her next words. Rose wants to see you.Dimitris dreamy, morose attitude snapped in a heartbeat. His eyes focused back on Lissa, and I got my first glimpse of true, intense emotion from him. No. Anyone but her. I cant see her. Dont let her come here. Please.Lissa swallowed, unsure how to respond. The fact that she had an audience made it harder. The best she could do was lower her voice so the others wouldnt hear. B ut she loves you. Shes worried about you. What happened with us being able to dispense with you? come up, a lot of it was because of her.You saved me.I only did the final piece. The rest well, Rose did, um, a lot. Say, like, organizing a prison break and releasing fugitives.Dimitri turned from Lissa, and the fire that had briefly lit his features faded. He walked over to the side of the cell and leaned against the wall. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, took a deep breath, and then open up them.Anyone but her, he repeated. Not after(prenominal) what I did to her. I did a lot of things horrible things. He turned his hands palm-up and stared at them for a moment, like he could see blood. What I did to her was worst of all particularly because it was her. She came to save me from that state, and I He shook his head. I did terrible things to her. Terrible things to others. I cant typesetters case her after that. What I did was unforgivable.Its not, said Lissa urgently. It wasnt you. Not really. Shell forgive you.No. Theres no forgiveness for menot after what I did. I dont deserve her, dont deserve to even be around her. The only thing I can do He walked back over to Lissa, and to the astonishment of both of us, he fell to his knees before her. The only thing I can dothe only redemption I can try foris to assume you back for saving me.Dimitri, she began uneasily, I told youI felt that power. In that moment, I felt you bring my mortal back. I felt you heal it. Thats a debt I cant ever repay, but I swear Ill swing the rest of my life trying. He was looking up at her, that enraptured look back on his face.I dont want that. Theres nothing to repay.Theres everything to pay, he argued. I owe you my lifemy soul. Its the only way I can come close to ever redeeming myself for all the things I did. Its still not enough but its all I can do. He clasped his hands. I swear, whatever you need, anythingif its in my powerIll do it. Ill serve and protect you for the res t of my life. Ill do whatever you ask. You have my loyalty forever.Again, Lissa started to say she didnt want that, but then a canny thought came to mind. Will you see Rose?He grimaced. Anything but that.DimitriPlease. Ill do anything else for you, but if I see her itll hurt too much.That was probably the only reason that could have made Lissa drop the subject. That and the desperate, dejected look on Dimitris face. It was one she had never seen before, one Id never seen before either. Hed always been so invincible in my eyes, and this sign of vulnerability didnt make him seem weaker to me. It simply made him more complex. It made me love him moreand want to attention him.Lissa could only give him a small nod as answer before one of the guardians in charge said she had to leave. Dimitri was still on his knees as they escorted her out, staring after her with an expression that said she was the closest to any hope he had odd in this world.My heart twisted with both sorrow and jealou syand a bit of anger too. I was the one he should have looked at that way. How dare he? How dare he act like Lissa was the superlative thing in the world? Shed done a lot to save him, true, but I was the one whod traveled around the globe for him. I was the one who had continually risked my life for him. Most importantly, I was the one who loved him. How could he turn his back on that?Both Lissa and I were confused and upset as she left the building. Both of us were distraught over Dimitris state. Despite how angry I was over his refusal to see me, I still felt horrible at seeing him so low. It killed me. Hed never acted that way before. afterwards the Academys attack, he had certainly been sad and had grieved over that loss. This was a different kind of despair. It was a deep sand of depression and guilt that he didnt feel he could escape from. Both Lissa and I were shocked by that. Dimitri had always been a man of action, someone ready to get up after a disaster and fight the n ext battle.But this? This was unlike anything wed ever seen in him, and Lissa and I had wildly varying ideas on how to solve it. Her gentler, sympathetic approach was to keep talking to him while also calmly persuading Court officials that Dimitri was no longer a threat. My solution to this problem was to go to Dimitri, no matter what he claimed he wanted. Id disordered in and out of a prison. getting into a jail cell should be cake. I was still certain that once he saw me, hed have a change of heart about all this redemption stuff. How could he truly think I wouldnt forgive him? I loved him. I understood. And as far as convincing officials that he wasnt dangerous well, my method there was a little groggy still, but I had a feeling it would involve a lot of yelling and beating on doors.Lissa knew perfectly well that I had observed her encounter with Dimitri, so she didnt feel obligated to come see me, not when she knew they could still use her over at the medical center. Shed hea rd Adrian had nearly collapsed with all the fast one hed wielded to sustain others. It seemed so uncharacteristic of him, so unselfish hed done amazing deeds, at great constitute to himself.Adrian.There was a problem. I hadnt had a chance to see him since getting back after the warehouse fight. And aside from hearing about him healing others, I really hadnt thought about him at all. Id said that if Dimitri really could be saved, it didnt mean the end of Adrian and me. Yet, Dimitri had barely been back twenty-four hours, and here I was, already obsessing ovLissa?Despite the fact that Id pulled back to my own mind, part of me was still absentmindedly following along with Lissa. Christian was standing outside the medical center, leaning against its wall. From his posture, it appeared as though hed been there for a while postponement for somethingor rather, someone.She came to a halt, and inexplicably, all thoughts of Dimitri vanished from her mind. Oh, come on. I wanted those ii t o patch things up, but we had no time for this. Dimitris fate was a lot more important than bantering with Christian.Christian didnt look like he was in a snarky mood, though. His expression was curious and concerned as he regarded her. How are you feeling? he asked. They hadnt talked to each other since the ride back, and shed been largely incoherent during a lot of it.Fine. She touched her face absentmindedly. Adrian healed me.I guess he is good for something. Okay, maybe Christian was feeling a little snarky today. But only a little.Adrians good for lots of things, she said, though she couldnt help a small smile. He ran himself into the ground here all night.What about you? I know how you are. As soon as you were up and around, you were probably right there beside him.She shook her head. No. After he healed me, I went to see Dimitri.All mirth disappeared from Christians face. Youve talked to him?Twice now. But yeah. I have.And?And what?Whats he like?Hes like Dimitri. She suddenly frowned, reconsidering her words. Well not quite like Dimitri.What, does he still have some Strigoi in him? Christian straightened up, muddied eyes flashing. If hes still dangerous, you have no business going nearNo she exclaimed. Hes not dangerous. And She took a few steps frontwards, returning his glare. Even if he was, you have no business telling me what I can or cant doChristian sighed dramatically. And here I thought Rose was the only one who threw herself into stupid situations, regardless of whether they might kill her.Lissas anger flared up rapidly, likely because of all the spirit shed been using. Hey, you didnt have any issues helping me stake Dimitri You trained me for it.That was different. We were in a bad situation already, and if things went wrong well, I could have incinerated him. Christian regarded her from head to toe, and there was something in his gaze something that seemed like more than just object glass assessment. But I didnt have to. You were amazing. You made the hit. I didnt know if you could, but you did and the fire You didnt flinch at all, but it must have been awful.There was a catch in his voice as he spoke, like he was only now truly assessing the consequences of what might have happened to Lissa. His concern and bewilderment made her flush, and she tilted her headan old trickso that the pieces of hair that had escaped from her ponytail would fall forward and hide her face. There was no need for it. Christian was now staring pointedly at the ground.I had to do it, she said at last. I had to see if it was possible.He looked up. And it was right? There really isnt any trace of Strigoi?None. Im positive. But no one believes it.Can you blame them? I mean, I helped out with it and I wanted it to be true but Im not sure I ever really, truly thought someone could come back from that. He glanced away again, his gaze resting on a lilac bush. Lissa could nip its scent, but the distant and troubled look on his face told her that h is thoughts werent on nature. Neither were they on Dimitri, I realized. He was thinking about his parents. What if thered been spirit users around when the Ozeras had turned Strigoi? What if there had been a way to save them?Lissa, not guessing what I had, remarked, I dont even know that I believed either. But as soon as it happened, well I knew. I know. Theres no Strigoi in him. I have to help him. I have to make others realize it. I cant let them lock him up foreveror worse. Getting Dimitri out of the warehouse without the other guardians staking him had been no easy feat for her, and she shivered recalling those first few seconds after his change when everyone had been shouting to kill him.Christian turned back and met her eyes curiously. What did you mean when you said he was like Dimitri but not like Dimitri?Her voice trembled a little when she spoke. Hes sad.Sad? Seems like he should be happy he was saved.No you dont understand. He feels awful about everything he did as a Stri goi. Guilty, depressed. Hes unvoiced himself for it because he doesnt think he can be forgiven.Holy shit, said Christian, clearly caught off guard. A few Moroi girls had walked by just then and looked scandalized at his swearing. They hurried off, whispering among themselves. Christian ignored them. But he couldnt help itI know, I know. I already went over it with him.Can Rose help?No, Lissa said bluntly.Christian waited, apparently hoping shed elaborate. He grew annoyed when she didnt. What do you mean she cant? She should be able to help us more than anyoneI dont want to get into it. My situation with Dimitri bothered her a lot. That made two of us. Lissa turned toward the medical building. It looked regal and castle-like on the outside, but it housed a facility as sterile and advanced(a) as any hospital. Look, I need to get inside. And dont look at me like that.Like what? he demanded, taking a few steps toward her.That disapproving, pissed-off look you get when you dont get you r way.I dont have that lookYou have it right now. She backed away from him, moving toward the centers door. If you want the whole story, we can talk later, but I dont have the time and honestly I dont really feel like telling it.That pissed-off lookand she was right, he did have itfaded a little. Almost nervously, he said, Okay. Later then. And LissaHmm?Im glad youre all right. What you did last night well, it really was amazing.Lissa stared at him for several heavy seconds, her heart rate rising slightly as she watched a light breeze ruffle his black hair. I couldnt have done it without your help, she said at last. With that, she turned and went inside, and I returned completely to my own head.And like earlier, I was at a loss. Lissa would be supple the rest of the day, and standing and yelling in the guardians office wouldnt really help me get to Dimitri. Well, I say there was the off chance I might annoy them so much that theyd throw me in jail too. Then Dimitri and I would be next to each other. I promptly dismissed that plan, fearing the only thing it would land me with was more filing.What could I do? Nothing. I needed to see him again but didnt know how. I hated not having a plan. Lissas encounter with Dimitri hadnt been nearly long enough for me, and anyway, I felt it was important to take him in through my eyes, not hers. And oh, that sadness that utter look of hopelessness. I couldnt stand it. I wanted to hold him, to tell him everything would be okay. I wanted to tell him I forgave him and that wed make everything like it used to be. We could be together, just the way we plannedThe thought brought tears to my eyes, and left alone with my frustration and inactivity, I returned to my room and flounced onto the bed. Alone, I could finally let loose the sobs Id been holding in since last night. I didnt even entirely know what I was crying for. The trauma and blood of the last day. My own broken heart. Dimitris sorrow. The cruel circumstances that had ruined our lives. Really, there were a lot of choices.I stayed in my room for a good part of the day, lost in my own grief and restlessness. Over and over, I replayed Lissas meeting with Dimitri, what hed said and how he looked. I lost track of time, and it took a knock at the door to snap me out of my own suffocating emotions.Hastily rubbing an arm over my eyes, I opened the door to find Adrian standing out there. Hey, I said, a little surprised by his headingnot to mention guilty, considering Id been moping over another guy. I wasnt ready to face Adrian yet, but it appeared I had no choice now. Do you do you want to come in?Wish I could, little dhampir. He seemed to be in a hurry, not like hed come to have a relationship talk. But this is just a drop-by visit to issue an invitation.Invitation? I asked. My mind was still on Dimitri. Dimitri, Dimitri, Dimitri.An invitation to a party.