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Cybersecurity Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Cybersecurity - Coursework ExampleThe paper throws well-to-do on cyberspace, a mine field for seekers of info. With every interaction with websites, there would be an increasing bespeak for personal information. Such have been utilize by spiteful persons for their own gains. Air travel has been effortful hit by cyber crime and cyber-security in airports has been a challenge with each passing day. The internet has been used for various purposes which include gathering, storage, processing and transfer of vast data amounts, which include sensitive and proprietary personal, transactional and cable data. Organizations have heavily depended on computer systems for day-to-day business concernes. Even as this capability has been relied much and more by various individuals and organizations, the internet has been plagued by threats of cyber-security. The information available in the internet has been used to become threats to operations of businesses and individuals. These threats evolve with the expansion of the internet and the risks that come with it continue to grow globally. The United States of America stick to be the hardest hit by cybercrime according to the report on internet crime by way of life of Justice Assistance. There is a wide range of cyber attacks. Insider threats form the core perpetrators in computer crimes. gibe to Vatis, insiders do not need a great deal of knowledge about computer intrusions as they posses adequate knowledge on the systems which they attack which allows them to have unrestricted access to damage the system or to steal system data. ... ge about computer intrusions as they posses adequate knowledge on the systems which they attack which allows them to have unrestricted access to damage the system or to steal system data (2002, p.3). Criminal multitudes have also increasingly used cyber intrusions for monetary gains. Vatis gives an example of such a group referred to as Phonemasters who were indicted for stealing an d accessing federal interest computer and being in possession of access devices for which they were unauthorized. computer virus writers also pose a great threat to security in IT. Viruses propagate quickly because of the uplifted speed networks currently available. Anti-virus software available and being careful with attachments would go a long way in curtailing such epidemics. Other cyber attacks emanate from terrorists, hackers and information warfare. Vatis defines cyber attacks as computer-to-computer attacks carried out to steal, erase, or alter information or to destroy or impede the functionality of the target computer system (2002, p.10). These could be categorized into three, to wit unauthorized intrusions where the attacker uses hacking techniques to break into a computer or unauthorized access by an insider to procure unauthorized tasks in the network destructive worms or viruses spread through computers using forms of data supervene upon such as emails causing some parts of the network to lose functionality and denial of service attacks where a computer would be overloaded with communication thus hampering its functionality. Due to the ever increasing critical business partners connected to customers and partners on the internet, many organizations have been left exposed to cyber attacks. There is no guarantee that malicious acts or intrusions would not happen. But aviation

Perfume Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Perfume - Essay ExampleSince then perfumes are wide applied in various settings of the sphere. Their role is enormous, ranging from the individual respective, as a consumer learning tool, in fashion therapy, in foods, detergents among others (Bennett 49). The broad application of perfumes triggered the researcher to explore their relevance in determining the attitudes of the human organism.The contemplate used both survey and literature review. The literature review was employed to assist in ascertaining the jail hesitate that exists in the study of perfumes and how they elicit moods in humans. Further, the deduction of the literature was vital in determining the flowing state of affairs, its theories and the developments in the sector. The synthesis of the literature reveals that humans are wired in a agency that their sense of smell leads them to automatic approach-avoidance Responses inclusive of general attitudes, emotion and actions. The resultant responses are either supr eme or negative. Human being search for pleasurable experiences, and they always aim to avoid any awed or negative experiences as per nature. Based on the categorization theory, the study realized that it is possible to break pleasures into forms involving sensory, emotional and social traits (Porcherot 939). The review showed that emotional preferences typically stem from aesthetic stimulation. For instance, the smell of roses hind end propel one of a pleasant childhood, which arouses good moods in the individual. Sensory pleasances are the simplest forms to comprehend since they involve the pleasures created by sensory contact with outside stimuli. He further argues that Social pleasures arise from contact and interaction with peers. The experiences of persons can involve one form or a mix of the described pleasure types though in the end, individual summaries the experience as a memory that falls into a single

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Handshake Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Handshake - Essay frameworkOn the other(a) hand, the American style of doing things is based on the trending behaviors and fashion. In this case, there is no particularized expression of doing things. Many Americans, oddly the young generation, do not observe a specific course of life. The etiquette applicable in a given environment is unique. However, there is nothing that binds them to observing a way of life or a particular culture.In Saudi Arabia, only close male or female counterparts are allowed to shake hands. This implies that it is highly prohibited for a male to shake hands with females, especially when they are not closely related by blood. Handshake among members of the same sex is highly advance in many Muslim communities. This is done mostly to prevent cases of sexual immorality and to uphold the reputable position that unmarried women occupy in the Muslim countries. Similarly, members of the same sex in Saudi Arabia behave the freedom to keep shaking hands dur ing a chat to emphasize on a point. It would be considered rude to reject such gestures especially when someone is new in the Arabian society.On the other hand, there is little handshake restriction in America. The basic American handshake is very univocal and usually used as a greeting between friends, relatives or new acquaintances among others. It is important to line of business that handshake among young people (both male and female) is usually accompanied by either a touch or a hug. This, contrary to Saudi Arabia, is considered fashionable and trendy. It will be shocking to find a male and a female American students shaking hands methodically and exchanging a kiss in public without alarming other people in the surrounding. Such actions are highly prohibited in Saudi Arabia. As such, an American student who traces his or her origin from a Muslim country experiences a culture shock in the first sight of greetings among American natives.The approach taken by Americans in greet ing is very

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Computer Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Computer Systems - turn up ExampleThe Midrange virtualization includes Solaris containers and zones and the commodity virtualization consists of VM w be, Oracle VM and Xen. The desktop virtualization is categorized in two PC / MAC and practical(prenominal) desktop infrastructure (VDI). The category named as PC / MAC includes virtual box, virtual PC and so forth VDI consists of Oracle VDI and desktop virtualization by Citrix. The next category is the storage virtualization, which includes storage area networks and arrays developed by Exadata, Netapps etc. Lastly, there is a category named as network visualization consisting of Virtual Local empyrean Networks (VLAN). A single piece of computer hardware is divided into multiple instance by a engineering science is known as virtualization. The OS (operating clay) along with hardware is similar even before virtualization. The division of hardware makes the resource transmission simple as, an operating system (OS) needs to utilize all resources that are gettable in a box. A single box with the help of resources can host several instances or nodes. For example RAM I/O capacity i.e. permanent storage space, central processing social unit and bandwidth (network address). Likewise, this procedure facilitates an effective method for resource management of web application. For instance, a web application that is hosted on a relatively small node works on reduced cost of using broad(a) box and still manages to provide resources from one node to other. In order to enhance the efficiency an out of work resources in a box are moved. Optimal resource management is achieved by virtual master of ceremonies we can also say that there is no requirement for deploying a web application and its components for migration of web services to some other hosts that are subjected to re-installation of new operating system. Consequently, virtualization fulfills the last process by utilizing a hypervisor. Likewise, the hypervisor h osts operating system that provides management of assets for many operating systems of visitors as well as nodes. Hence, as presently as a web application is deployed with virtualization technology, we can get a guest operating system powered by hypervisor. This is the major factor that provides scalability and assignment of more resources for the web application by clicking a couple of(prenominal) buttons (Kusnetzky 2011). It is unnecessary to state that virtualization appeared in the year 1960 because a number of hypervisors are present to select from them. For the trendiest virtualization appliances are Xen and Virtual Box (Kusnetzky 2011). They are considered as open-source assignments due to their commercial popularity through corporations such as VMware and Nimbus data systems. However the process of virtualization is actually without responsibility. In fact, some disadvantages are also associated with its implementation. For example, a hardware boxs configuration is not cle ar to node users. A hardware box could be come along its overall hardware limit, in which case more resources for a node could be limited, even requiring migration to another box. In addition, it could appear as a weak virtualized resource for instance I/O capacity. In this situation various nodes are present in similar boxes try to interpret homunculus the matching pair of hard drives thus resulting in amplified latency. Moreover, the sidebar contains more

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Unit 3 Case Mangement Seminar Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Unit 3 Case Mangement Seminar - Research Paper modellingIn my case, I use my cultural dos to relate with my customers. A proper dress code is the scratch impression that attracts customers to wards my trading. When interacting with my customers, I often uses motivational languages thus I am able to encourage customers to get products that are by giving out reasonable discounts.Culture yieldness is common in many business organizations. These practices create drift between the rich, those who live in the middle class society and the poor. The cultural practice of a business determines the type of customer expectations. Some business tend to trade on goods and work that are only affordable to people of high social classes, while others can accommodate two the rich and model class social groups. The cultural practices are universal thus free from coating bias. Business organizations often advance easily if they adapt a culture that is free from bias.Culture bias discourages cli ents from investing as well as trading withy certain business organizations. Human assistant workers discourage clients from trading if they engage in cultures that accommodate business. Non-verbal communications are used to define a business culture. They are the daily business activities that are used to draw

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Imagine you are a business owner; discuss debt financing, types of Assignment

Imagine you are a parentage possessor discuss debt financial support, types of risk, beta, and investments - Assignment ExampleThis would give you a better idea to stock only as much as you would need. For a teensy business the ratios can do wonders as it utilizes current change flows to determine how much cash would be flowing in the future. Most importantly for a small business like mine the financial ratios help to identify the weaknesses and the strengths of the business. This way the retailer can hold back a better understanding on how to play his cards in order to make his business flourish.A few ratios that tend to be important to a small business would be income ratios, liquid state ratios, and profitability ratios. Though what seems important for a small business enterprise will not be as important for a larger business enterprise. Thus larger business corporations have to take aim retailers and wholesalers, for them its the ratio is of total assets and total liabili ties. They have manufactures and a number of other liabilities and ratios that need to be accounted for while the workings of a small business are fairly simple. some other important work out in managing small businesses that is debt financing. Most small businesses do not require large investments and so they use debt financing. Debt financing is all about taking a loan from the bank to finance the newly undercoat business practice. Debt financing surely has its upsides and downsides. We shall discuss the upside first debt financing allows you to have full guard everywhere your business practices unlike having a partner. Another one would be the tax benefits involved (Bragg, 2011).Another important factor would be that the amount due is fixed and so can be managed over the months time because it is easier to generate the amount with a target in mind. Last but not least(prenominal) no amount of profit generated is up for sharing. Where theres an upside theyre bound to be a dow nside as well. The debt financing brings along with the

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Genders at work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Genders at work - Essay ExampleGriffith & Goodwin (2012) lionise that the childhood behavioral patterns ar carried onto the workplace culture. Segregation between the male and female groups is also a characteristic that is evident in the workplace. Men form more cohesive groups that are greatly concern with competition and turf protection (Griffith & Goodwin, 2012). Women groups on the other hand are less cohesive alone demonstrate high levels of democracy and avoidance of confrontation (Griffith & Goodwin, 2012). These characteristics are very applicable in ascendent development and conflict management within the organization.From the above discussion, male employees are less likely to vivify to democracy compared to female employees. In the occurrence of a problem that requires a solution male employees are more likely to resort to fast solution development choices that will not require lengthy consultancy techniques. However, the female trait in avoiding confrontations woul d lead to the development of the fairest and just about democratic choice of solution, with the aim of providing the well-nigh satisfactory solution (Griffith & Goodwin, 2012).Indeed the gender role in the workplace influences decision making processes and most especially in problem solving situations. The discussion concludes that male employees are less likely to go for an extensive problem inquiry compared to their female

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The EU and US Data Protection Approaches and their Sustainability Essay

The EU and US Data apology Approaches and their Sustainability - Essay ExampleThe US has in like manner mount a scathing attack at the EU Data Protection Directive claiming that it is firm change state outdated and with time its practicability in implementation will deteriorate (Bercic and George, 2009). Herein later on this paper takes a look at the different approaches used by the US and the EU to cling to individuals personal information and which among the two approaches is sustainable in the long run. Data Protection in the Europe With the internet boom starting to take place in the mid-90s, the European countries proverb it fit to come up with one regulatory framework that will ensure that the data is somewhat to be generated and shared among users will be safe. Instead of each country independently regulating their cast got information technology industry, common guidelines were instituted on where each country will base their data security department laws. This re gulatory framework was known as the EU Data Protection Directive (Long and Quek, 2002). All constituent countries, who are also signatories of the European Commission on Human Rights (ECHR), were required to enforce the provisions in that in within the first three years. The EU Data Protection Directive This is a directing that is meant to protect data and regulate its usage within the European Union. It has 34 articles providing specific instructions roughly how data should be handled in specific situation. It is based on 3 principles transparency, legitimate purpose and equalizer (Tavani, 2007). The issue of transparency is covered from article 7 through 12. Using this principle the Directive states that the data subject reserves a right to be informed when his personal data is being hive away for processing. The data controller is the person or the... This essay focuses on the US and the EU that are among the blocs that have been on the forefront to promote data protection a nd hence privacy. The right to privacy is a implicit in(p) human right that is presented as a main focus of the essay. Whereas the US has no specific regularisation scheme that is designed to regulate the collection, processing and transfer of personal information, the EU has one. The US has also mounted a scathing attack at the EU Data Protection Directive claiming that it is fast becoming outdated and with time its practicability in implementation will deteriorate. Herein after this essay takes a look at the different approaches used by the US and the EU to protect individuals personal data and which among the two approaches is sustainable in the long run. After victorious into considerations all these factors that were explored by the researcher, it is clear that the EU approach is more sustainable in the long run. The reasons are that though it is meagrely flexible it does not require this flexibility as it is not the final regulation but effective the framework, the member countries can revise their data protection rules as the environment changes provided they are within the framework. The watercourse EU Data Protection Directive is still serving the critical stimulus role to taking data protection very seriously, abandoning it would be disastrous, and instead it should be a reference model for otherwise countries or blocs. The idea of an international standard is the only way to foster globalization in this technical era.

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Explain connection between the issue(A suggested ban on audit firms Essay

Explain connection between the issue(A suggested ban on audit firms providing non-audit services)and confidence in the subprogram of a - Essay ExampleAl., 1999). It can be recognised from the above description that the roles and responsibilities of an meeter are concentrated on the execution of the auditing process including the ethical aspect of independence. However, genuine authentic animation evidences stand revealed the fact that numerous auditing firms are engaged in serving their clients with non-auditing services which consequently have an affect on the quality and the effectiveness of the process. The paper shall, thereby, be focussed on the study of the roles and responsibilities of the meeter in the present scenario. Additionally, the paper shall also tend to identify the impact of the non-auditing services rendered by auditors on the quality and effectiveness of the auditing services in the UK business environment. Roles and Responsibilities of Auditors From the l egal point of view, every society with contain liability should compel the auditing process before the presentation of their annual accounts in order to confirm the annihilation of any misstatement in the financial statement of the company(s). Therefore, the roles and responsibilities of the auditor(s) are to examine the financial statements of the clients company and ensure that the audited statements are mostly free from the mispresentation if not entirely. In other words, it is the responsibility of the auditor(s) to provide sightly assurance to the conclusion that the financial statements presented by the company are at large free from any kind of material mispresentation occurring due to fraudulence or error. Apart from these responsibilities the auditors are also liable to make it their viewpoints to the stakeholders which again call for an ethical behaviour from the end of the auditor (Green Paper, 2010). However, as revealed from various researches and studies, the focu s of auditors, today, are inclined more towards the minimisation of risks occurring during the preparation of the financial statements. As quoted by the European Commission, the implication of auditing has been shifting from a verification based approach to a risk based approach raising certain major limitations on the part of the auditing process. For instance, the recent banking crisis was an example which apparently depicted the affect of this changing sentiment of auditing on the quality aspect and on the aspect of effectiveness as well (Green Paper, 2010). It is worth mentioning that the role practised by the auditors at present are inclined to be focussed majorly on the non-auditing services, (i.e. the eradication of risk of misstatement arising during the completion of the financial statements) rather than the auditing services which are centred on the evaluation of the financial statements presented by the company. The Impact of Non-Auditing service Practised by Auditing F irms in the UK In the present day phenomenon, the practise of Non-Auditing Services by the auditors have gained a considerable amount of reaction from the global business environment, especially afterwards the fall down of Enron. The reason of the dismissal according to a group of researchers is the impact of Non-Auditing Services on the aspect of auditor independence. On the contrary, a separate group of researchers state that the Non-Auditing Services in real life practises are beneficial for the auditors. According to the

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Business Law and conflict with trade secrets Research Paper

Business Law and conflict with duty secrets - Research Paper ExampleHow does business justness conflict with trade secrets, and to what extent does this conflict pose problems? This paper will conduct an overview of how the business law of nature acknowledges trade secrets and how it attempts to protect them. Along with case law examples, a stance will be find forbidden as to the conflicting elements between business law and trade secrets, and how these conflicts, if any, cause problems for companies that try to protect their trade secrets. How the law defines trade secret, protects it, and what action can be taken will be assessed on a deeper level, as well as a brief comparison to its application to patents and trademarks to determine just how these conflicts put up arisen, and why.Companies spend vast amounts of money on perfecting and researching new methods, processes and products in order to make them stand out from their competitors. For example, troupe Z discovers, afte r research and careful planning, a new safety system for its family vehicles a system which cost the lodge millions in research and is now able to set this company unconnected from its competitors in this area. Indeed, this company should be entitled to the benefits reaped by the research and effort, both financially, and on a reputational level. It should be protected from Company Y, which decides that it wants to reap the benefits also of Company Zs research, but without having exerted the time and money. not only is this unfair on many ethical levels, it also has the potential to create rifts in the market, for Company Z has put a large amount of funds into discovering something that Company Y steps in and takes for free. The law attempts to prevent much(prenominal) occurrences, and recognizes the inevitable demise of companies such as Z in such situations. However, there is much potential for problems to arise, especially when the elusive trade secret is defined by the actio ns of the company which possesses it rather than its actual content per se. This element

Wiiliam Grimes Dough a la mode Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Wiiliam Grimes Dough a la mode - Essay fountexpense accounts and tax write-offs for company meals could be manipulated and massaged to present a billet in which the diner is adequate to(p) to reward his/her guests and himself/herself with a delicious meal tour seeking to write this luxury off on an expense report (Grimes 1).Such a practice is becoming more and more common in the current business setting as individuals seek to maximize their own happiness/utility while on business trips while all the time reneging on the expenses through various imaginative explanation procedures that either help to shift the burden of payment onto the company they are employed by or even ultimately to the taxpayer via a tax write off at the end of the year. In this way, the springs work can be understood to present a topic of responsibility. Even though the author himself does not feel guilty for spending large amounts of money on the food that he samples, he realizes the reason is because it i s his job to do so. However, with individuals that are merely attempting to game the system and get something for nothing, the situation is altogether different.Grimes, William. FOOD Dough A La Mode. The New York Times. The New York Times, 06 June 2004. Web. 06 Nov. 2012.

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Book review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 3

Book go off - Essay Example nevertheless alive opposes all the simple assumption about history. Klugers suffer was a popular when produced in the creative German, gaining a big status and technical acclaim.The Holocaust subsister had spent her time in three concentration camps as a young teenager she was helped by her mother to translate her book into other language versions in order for the whole world to show up about her story. Her mother got her first book accidentally and translated it in English and this was after klugers helpmate sends the book to her as a gift. Luckily her story of Viennas darkest hour did not fail. She tried to remember her childhood memories, where she creates a tale equal to the miseries that the entire human nature is able to do. bully to her step-by-step experiences has opened the entire women fraternity the knowledge about their abilities and rights in the current global existence.Her salute off with conflicts never ended with frustrations as a young Jew in Vienna, neither the brutality of the Theresienstadt and Auschwitz-Birkenau camps nor the university institutions in German. This is where her state of a being female was heavily undermined in the male superior society. Conflicts accompanied her to the post-war sore York, where she was criticized by the earlier generation of immigrants for her opposition to adopt the American cultureKluger in her life she confront the negative side of the real life situation but her intellectual love made her appreciate anything that occurred. This acted as her survival tool during those times. This one of the best reason to compel one to read the Still Alive story of Kluger. Here is when she goes by her opinion of identity creation from which she perceives her way into the life. This should be a driving force for women to venture into life situations without fear.In her book, Unterwegs Verloren a story line that can see readers to a young

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Cause & Effect Essay over Crisis in America's Social Security System

Cause & Effect over Crisis in Americas kindly security System - demonstrate ExampleThe situation facing the social security is pretty clear. It has overflowing income to last for active cardinal years, and it does not seem that it will be running out anytime soon. The program was created to provide benefits to the retired and old get on people, and the benefits were said to rise with the growing increase in wages of the people. The fact that the economy is producing more than enough notes to offer an increasing standard of living for the future generations, while also honoring its commission to the Social warranter, comes as a shock to some people. As a matter of fact, the only nemesis that the social security is facing is from the politicians who are trying to alter the arranging and bring drastic changes by faking a crisis. (The introduction toThe changes that Bush wanted to bring would have actually put the Social Security System in crisis. His privatization plan would have half ruled half of the Social Security funds into private accounts. This would have made the Social Security dependent on the confidence Funds, which would have emptied the send Funds twenty years sooner, and as a result payments to the people would have reduced by seventy percent. This would have created a real crisis.The Social Security Trust Fund has been in unconscious process for about seventy years. There was a much worse crisis in 1983. The Trust Fund was about to drain then, but the problem as brought under control, and it worked for over fifty years. The Social Security system has been altered a few times, to keep it stable. Even if the government just sits idle and does nothing, then the Trust Fund is said to run out in 2035. But even then the Social Security would not be broke. So the so called crisis said to have occurred, is not much of a threat. The Social Security is well established and is said to run effectively for the next many years. If it is threatened by anything, it is the reforms of the politicians and their attacks on then system. Their

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The Critical Nature of Water Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Critical Nature of Water - move ExampleThe fireweed has only recently been observed and has been analyzed at the University of Queenslands marine botany research laboratory by scientist Judith ONeil. Fireweed is a hairy strain of ancient bacterium that flourished on earth 2.7 gazillion years ago. The poisonous weed, cyanobacteria, has appeared in at least a dozen locations around the globe. check to Weiss, the bacteria has devolved in response to the pollution of the worlds oceans. In an evolutionary sense, bacteria are very adaptable and tooshie quickly mutate to adapt to new conditions (Campbell & Reese 2002 p.340). It is a result of ...overdosing the oceans with basic nutrients--the nitrogen, carbon, iron and phosphorous compounds that... clean into the sea from fertilized lawns and cropland, seep out of septic tanks and gush from sewer pipes. These are not the deadly carcinogens much(prenominal) as dioxin or PCBs. These are the basics of life and demonstrates the criti cal balance of the quality of our water supply. According to Goudie (1994), this will eventually lead to severe oxygen depletion and result in massive fish kills (p.214). tho destruction is evident in the coral beds of the Caribbean where as much as 80% have been disordered in recent years. Weiss says that this quiet creep of environmental decay has gone unchecked and largely unmarked for decades. Scientist Jeremy Jackson stated that, Were pushing the oceans back to the dawn of evolution, to a half-billion years ago when the oceans were ruled by jellyfish and bacteria. Biology has discovered the problem and biology can prescribe the remedy. The article was a factual account of the destruction of the oceans water. It drew from first hand experiences and quoted biology experts that had researched the problem.

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Identifying stakeholders and Interest Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Identifying stakeholders and Interest - member ExampleTherefore, because of their contributions towards educational provisions in the district, parents leave behind be involved in the formulation of this form _or_ system of government. It ordain directly affect them because it concerns the safety device of their children. Meaning, their input ordain be required (May, S. & S. Aikman, 2003). Before making some(prenominal) final decision, the parents will have to be consulted, if they approve the new policy, it will be enforced. They know what is corking for their children hence, they can not be overlooked.The police department will have to be incorporated as a party to this policy. Their contributions are important. As professional law enforcers, they have a wider knowledge on how the issue of pupil security can be tackled. Hence, it implies that they must be consulted anything is done. Meaning, their suggestions will be interpreted into account and given a lot of consideration s. If they object to it, necessary amendments will be made in order to refine it and make it be up to the required standard.As community elected leaders, the politicians will have to be considered as part of the stakeholders. Both the local civic leaders, senators and the congressmen will have to be consulted. As opinion leaders, the politicians will be included because they are representatives and can speak on behalf of the large community (Bruce S., 2007). In this regard, they will be urged to participate in the drafting of this new policy since it will have to affect them. As peoples representatives, it is their responsibility to support educational provisions in their areas of jurisdiction. However, everyone knows that such a goal can not be accomplished if there is no safety both within and out of schools.Before making such a new policy, the school focusing boards will have to be consulted. As school managers, they have a lot of say on whatever activity that happens in school s. They must be involved in the formulation of this new policy because it will affect the success of their schools. They

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MacNaughton(2003) states curricula can be defined as conforming Essay

MacNaughton(2003) states curricula can be defined as conforming reforming or transforming.Critically discuss extent each of thes - Essay ExampleConsequently, reform in packing is currently the standard rather than the exception. Nonetheless, in spite of the continuous spectacle of reforms, only a slight heap of the core changes. Institutions and individuals should evolve over time or face the possibility of extinction. Valuable changes enhance the refuge or individual so that it may work more successfully in, and be more nice to, a relentlessly evolving environment. But efforts at educational reform usually create new problems rather than improve its foundation and processes. There are those who find fault with comprehensive reforms in education which forces some(prenominal) schools to give in, or conform to mainstream standards. Hence, according to MacNaughton (2003), curricula can defined as conforming, reforming, or transforming. This essay lead explain this statement and relate it to post-16 course of instruction. The discussion will also take into account the points of view of contrastive practitioners. Curriculum as Conforming Before 1998 in England it was teachers, in theory, who chose the curricula and objectives of their schools. There were actual issues intimately this, non merely the often broadly disparate policies between schools (Ross 2000). However, there was a more deep-seated problem. wherefore should teachers be granted this authority? Do they have the knowledge and experience which qualify them to such choices? are they qualified to make decisions whether to conform or reform? According to Webster (2011), the term conform means to fit, accommodate, adapt, type or befit (para 3). Following this definition, there is certainly a valid argument against granting macro-decisions to conform or not to teachers. They are just one sector of the population, but decisions about the routes education should follow involve everyone. Cuban ( 1993) suggests a paradigm of varied curricula for the study of curriculum. He proposes that we treat curricula in four groups (as cited in Joseph, Braymann, Windschitl, Mikel & Green 2000) Official curriculum can be found in curriculum guides and conform to state-mandated assessment. Taught curriculum is what individual teachers focus on and choose to emphasiseoften the choices represent teachers knowledge, beliefs about how subjects should be taught, assumptions about their students needs, and interests in certain subjects. Learned curriculum encompasses all that students learn learned curriculum may be what teachers planned or have not intended, such as modelling teachers behaviour or what students learn from other students. The fourth curriculum Cuban calls tested curriculum these testswhether derived from the teacher, the school district, state, or national examen organisationsrepresent only part of what is taught or learned (ibid, p. 4). Similar to MacNaughton (2003), Cuban ad vises us to be prudent of the view that curriculum is conforming, or how the state or school embodies itself, but not essentially suggestive of what transpires in classrooms (Joseph et al. 2000). Cuban (1993 as cited in Joseph et al. 2000) argues that we have to take into account these varied perspectives of curricula if we are genuinely interested with reform in education reforms in tested and official curricula could be purposeless unless we address the learned and taught curricula. The varied curricula model of curriculum

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Uses of Computer in Schools Essay Example for Free

Uses of Computer in Schools EssayComputers are-machines that concur incoming data process them and produce outputs-depending on the users applications. Present time, we are so much associated with these devices that without them we would not be able to live the way we do. They play a crucial role in everybodys life. They pose a major socio-economic revolution not only in India but also in the hale world itself. From pocket calculators to personal computers (PC), food processors and microchips entering through VCRS at home, their uses are manifolds. The computers are employed to assist men in business organizations, in space and other(a) researches and in many other walks of life. The personal computer (PC) is marching into the office where it is improving productivity by replacing paper works, customer services and job satisfactions for some. Why Computers are used astray?The computers process informations that come in on the whole shapes and sizes from any fields so ac curately that, some people may call these Informatics The light of Informal ion impact, i.e. the methods of recording, manipulating and retrieving informations. It may be from a mathematical equation to a companys work-force requirement to produce a payroll or from meteorological department to forecast tomorrows weather or from space research to find a new space craft. Whatever may be the case, why computers are used widely? The following characteristics that make the computers very popular for its multifarious uses may give the befitting reply.(i) SpeedFirst, the computers are regarded as high hotfoot calculators. They can process voluminous data within a compute of second which no gracious existence could do earlier. If we want tomorrows forecast today, meteorologists can use the computers for necessary calculations and analyses. The units of speed of a computer are the microsecond, the nano (10)-9 second and even the picot second.(ii) StorageAs human wizard can instal t he knowledge in memory and can able to recall it, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of a computer can do the same job without any failure. But the inhering memory of CPU is only large enough to retain a certain amount of information. So, to store each and every information inside the computer, an Auxiliary or Secondary Storage Device is being attached outside the memory of the CPU.(iii) AccuracyThe computers are much popular due to their high speed along with consistently very high the true. Sometimes, the machinery may give errors, but due to increase in efficiently error-detecting techniques, these seldom lead to false results. Most of the errors in computers are due to human himself.(iv) automationOnce a programme is in the computers memory, it will start processing the input informations thus preeminent to automation. (v) Versatility The computers are versatile in nature. They can perform any task given to them provided they are wellspring programmed, (vi) Diligence Being a machine, a computer is very diligent in its duties. It never suffers from human fatigue and tiredness or lack of concentration. It can perform thousands after thousands calculations with exactly same accuracy and speed as the first one without any rest.

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Relation to marriage Essay Example for Free

Relation to marri years EssayAcclaimed as the Father of English publications and the English Homer before William Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, the writer of The married woman of lavatorys Prologue and Tale, was born to a middle-class family in ca. 1343 and was one time a member of the house of Elizabeth, Countess of Ulster. Regarded as one of the most famous and significant poets in the knightly period, Chaucer was well-known for his use of dream-vision form, his masterpiece The Canterbury Tales (ca.1387), and more than importantly, his contribution to the English language by importing more than 1000 new words that were derived from foreign languages. In The Wife of Baths Prologue, Chaucers precise presentation of the Wife of Baths get wind (line 1) of marriage, which she believes to be right ynough for her to speke of wo that is inside (lines 1 3), brings forth to her convincing arguments about marriage.Obviously in the beginning of the Prologue, Chaucer suggests the brain of the Wife of Bath as being a five-time, startd married woman, whose first marriage experience comes when she is only twelf year of age (line 4).The wise woman is without doubt an advocate of marriage, as she is always brisk to fight back all kinds of attacks concerning her marrying five times with her strong, convincing arguments with references to the Bible although she graunte it wel (line 101) the truth that one does well non to marry (1 Corinthians 7.1), as it would be better to continue to wait alone (1 Corinthians 7. 8) as a widow, the Wife of Bath strongly believes that there is nothing wrong to marry more than once, as she always agrees with the opinion that to be wedded is no sinne (line 57) as long as her housbonde is fro the world agoon (line 53) according to her idea, it is of no repreve (line 90) and withouten censure of bigamye (line 92) to wedde if that her make dies (line 91).Despite the advices from other men, who keep on conseiling her to be oon (li ne 72), she is convinced that she does the right thing as there is no law that forbids her marrying, and whether to marry is up to her owene juggement (line 74) and decision. Her firm belief and strong arguments are, in my opinion, the results of her awareness of the law and her spatial relation in the society, as well as her understanding of the Bible.Regardless of the higher values of maidenhood, the Wife of Bath believes that marriage is of the same importance as virginity as it is God who tells us to wexe and multoplye (line 28) and it is impossible to do so without marriage. In her argument about virginity and marriage, she likens wives as barly overlay (line 150), which the Lord Jesu uses to refressh many a man (line 152). much(prenominal) metaphor, in my view, works well to emphasize the importance of wives (barly breed), despite its inferiority to the purity of virginity, which she likens as breed of pured whete seed (line 149).The Wife of Bath, furthermore, believes that marriage suits her the best and is what she desperately needs, as it is her will to bistowe the flour of al her age in thactes and in fruit of marriage (line 118 119) it will definitely be a disaster for her if she has to besotted al her lif in chastitee (line 100), despite the fact that virginitee is great perfeccioun, and continence is with devocioun (line 111 112), which is according to the Almighty God, the way to live a perfect life.

The JFK Assasination Conspiracy Essay Example for Free

The JFK Assasination Conspiracy Es rankThe Assassination at Dealy Plaza hot seat John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas on November 22nd November as his limousine drove through Dealy Plaza. Thousands of sight had lined up to view his motorcade including dressmaker Abraham Zaprieder whose film captured the assassination. This happened at 12.30 pm and the chairwoman was immediately rush along to parkland Hospital where, despite all efforts to keep hi alive, he was pronounced dead.The time of his remainder was 1 pm and against the wishes of the Texas authorities, his body was flown to Washington where a further autopsy was performed at Bethesda Naval Hospital. On the 25th of the very(prenominal) month, JFK was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. What followed next was a series of rasets that leftfield the entire American pubic asking questions of who killed JFK?Lee Harvey OswaldA former marine and defector to the Soviet Union named Oswald was arrested as a suspect on the same day at 2pm. According to the Oliver rock-and-roll movie JFK, the assassin spent his summer of 1963 in vernal Orleans. The attorney that would afterward investigate in the JFK murder Jim send theorized Oswald as an outsider and Leninist. Oswald has returned to Dallas in 1962 to live in a milieu wagh news show overtones. He married a KGB officials niece and questions always arise on how the assassin managed to require a high profile job. He was interrogated the whole weekend and as he was world interpreted to the county facilities, he got shot and died on National television by a local club owner Jack Ruby.False holds put forward by the warren report do not even center on the presidents murder but on Jack ruby. One claim is that Ruby was a lone(prenominal) in the killing and that he entered the police basement with the help of the police incision probably through an unlocked staircase. This was actually a contradiction as compared to the bill corroborate d by foursome officers one of whom failed a polygraph test. This shows conspiracy and corruption among the police. Even president lyndon was later quoted saying that he has no doubt that Oswald was not alone even though its Oswald who pulled the trigger.The warren reportThis was ordered by JFKs successor Lyndon Johnson on 29th November 1963 on executive order 11130 to investigate the assassination of both(prenominal) the president and his assassin. According to the rabbit warren report, the members in the equip wereEarl Warren, Chief justice of the United States and attorney general of California.Richard Russell, republican senator from Georgia, and county attorney in that same state.Hale Boggs, a representative from Louisiana.John Sherman Cooper, Republic senator from Kentucky and United States embassador to India.Gerald r. ford, Republican representative from Michigan and Chairman of the House Republican conference.Allen Dulles, lawyer and former director of the key Intelli gence Agency.John J. McCoy, lawyer, former president of the international Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and former United States full(prenominal) Commissioner for Germany.It was assisted by lawyers, Internal Revenue service agents, a senior historian, an editor, and secretarial and administrative runfulness who were assigned to the commission by Federal agencies at its request. Officials and the Federal government cooperated with the commission who has power to force witness narratives by granting protection from being prosecuted to having the witnesses confess downstairs compulsion, though no immunity was abandoned to witnesses during the investigation.It reviewed reports from the FBI, secret service and held hearings with 552 witnesses. The report was presented to president Lyndon on 24th September 1964 and later on, 26 volumes of the Commissions hearings were published. All these were put on the National archives and Kennedys family donated autopsy reports to the archives which were under limited access, and moreover recognize experts in pathology are approved by the familys representatives. Critics came up challenge the reports findings as it had more controversies yet there were witnesses.Oswald was ruled to bemuse fired tierce bullets with one missing target, and the remaining cardinal which construct JFK and the governor John Connally. Its not understood how Connally was weakened soon after JFK thus the Single bullet possibility which indicated that one bullet hit both men. Kennedys aid Kenneth ODonnell who rode in the motorcade later tell that he was pressured by the FBI not to say what he believed that, the gunfire came from the front and not the corroborate as indicated by the report.The Single bullet suppositionThe theorys proponent was Arlen Specter, the present Pennsylvania senator. The Warren commission took the theory and concluded that Oswald was the lone killer of JFK. It states that one bullet his JFK in the back an d lapseed on is neck, hitting Connally in the back, leg and, wrist. This has travel along to be termed as the magic bullet. One bullet missed and the third and fatal one hit Kennedy on the head. Dallas doctors argue that it was an entrance pique but the doctors who actually saw the wound insist that it is an exit wound.Conspiracy authors claim that because of the collar slits, it had to be an entrance wound. Which is in like manner a contradiction because, how can a bullet which was able to penetrate the tracheotomy fail to penetrate Kennedys shirt. In Dr. charles Carricos statement in the first place the warren report, he said that the wound was above the tie and later on, he says that it was in the lower 1/3 of the neck. In the movie JFK, Kevin Costner gives a conspiracy version of this theory, what really happened if Connally was set in front of Kennedy at the same height and facing ahead?The Garrison InvestigationJim Garrison, a New Orleans District Attorney began investig ation the assassination in 1966 after arresting a David Ferrie, a pilot and anti castro activist who was connected to Oswald. This led to the arrest of Clay Shaw, a New Orleans Businessman. Garrison believed that the CIA, anti-Castro Cuban exiles, and homosexuals were involved in the assassination. Garrisons main witness was Perry Russo who claimed that he had attended an assassination party where Shaw, Oswald, and Ferrie discussed on murdering the president.Later on, Russos statement was questioned when it emerged that he was hypnotized and a drug call backed sodium pentothal used on him. Before the hypnotization, Russo failed to mention the party. This endorse led to corpse Shaw being acquitted. In the Oliver Stone movie JFK, we see the jury foreman Sidney Herbert claiming that after the trial, he persuasion more decidedly on the warren report. Another film The JFK Assassination The Jim Garrison Tapes, it can be seen that Russo later returned on his earlier version of statement that there was actually an assassination party.The Medical leavenAn HSCA (House Select Committee on Assassination) was created to handle assassinations of both JFK and Martin Luther King. It has special panels that examined the physical evidence and their finding was a fact that a knoll had been used but missed. The medical panel challenged this when they reaffirmed the single bullet theory earlier visited. The Parkland Hospital doctors findings appeared incorrect when the HSCA reports showed that the back of the head was intact with blood free hair, with only a small red spot near the cowlick. In contrast, doctors describe a large gawk wound with brain tissues from the cerebellum extruding.In Dr. Charles Crenshaws book conspiracy of silence, he claims of Kennedys head at the back blown off, indicating that the grassy knoll was sot from the front. On page 2, he states that the entire rightly hemisphere was obliterated, and in age 86, he claims that the right hemisphere looked li ke a crater, an empty cavity. The wound on his neck indicate an entrance wound thus it was a shot from the front. He as well as claims that knowing that there existed a conspiracy, doctors were afraid to talk. Between the two hospitals, Kennedys body had been altered. This leaves us with questions. For instance, was the back of Kennedys head blown out? Are the autopsy photos faked?The Bogus show upConspirators believe that the evidence against Oswald was tampered with by the Dallas Police. The police claimed on recovering three cartridges which perfectly correspond to the three shots heard by people at the Plaza. But an Author by the name of Noel Twyman claims that only two spend rounds were found. Evidence of the authorities suppressing evidence was seen when after the assassination a government agent and an officer were seen picking up a slug.One of Jack rubys strip dancers Karen Carlin whose stage name was little Lynn also came forward and testified that she known of the plot t o kill Oswald. After mysteriously disappearing, she came back in 1992 and claimed that Ruby had told her to call him on Sunday morning and later he would send her $25 for her rent and shopping, just before Oswald was shot. This was to create an alibi and justify that it was just an impulsive act of revenge that he shot Oswald. Karen said that Gary Shaw, Carlos Marcello and Santos Trafficante were tail end the conspiracy to kill Oswald.It is also seen how witnesses, even the most sober ones made wild and clownlike statements.For instance, one witness named JC price claimed that Kennedy and Connally were in different cars and last shot came five minutes later after the first ones. Austin Miller testified that the shots came from inside the limousine. Jack Franzen said that secret service agents were behind the limousine and some had firearms.A.J Millican was quoted testifying that, Just after the Presidents car passed, I heard three shots come from up toward Houston and Elm right by the Book Depository Building, and then immediately I heard two more shots come from the Arcade between the Book Store and the Underpass, and then three more shots came from the same direction only sounded further back.Who Killed JFK?This is the question that will forever remain in peoples mind. The fact that many groups or people had motives to murder JFK makes the case even more difficult and wit many unanswered questions. There are claims that Kenney was killed because he withdrew the American troops from Vietnam during the cold war. Others say that Oswald was impersonated by Fidel Castro, the Cuban President who it is believed had motives too because the CIA, Cuban exiles and mob members wanted to eliminate him. Fletcher Prouty believes that it was a coup detat to overthrow the government and that is wasnt an assassination of one man.The shock of the assassination has been cover up and the case is one of the greatest unsolved crimes of the century forty years down the line.Today , canvass show that millions of the American public believes that there was a conspiracy and Oswald wasnt alone. The opinion poll is shown to have risen from 52% in 1963 to 89% in 1993. Journalist Hugh AynesWorth believes that this is the most investigated homicide in history and being a witness himself, he says that e has spent most of his career life in investigating the various theories that have come up in the JFK murder. In his book, he speaks o himself as a young Dallas newspaper reporter who was right in he spot as history unfolded in his very own eyes. To him, its pure and simple that there is no evidence in the unfolding theories. Although the Warren report is faulty, Hugh has no doubt it unfolded right.Works citedPeter Dale Scott, Deep politics and the Death of JFKScott talks of a conspiracy as seen by the police department in Dallas.James H. Fetzer, The Great Zapruder Film impostor Deceit and Deception in the Death of JFKAs much as the film captured the murder, here wer e unflustered controversies with the doctors on the ext spot where the bullet hit JFK.Charles Crenshaw, conspiracy of SilenceShows the many conspiracy theories and Dr.Crenshaws story as a physician in Parkland HospitalJFK, an Oliver Stone MovieThe JFK Assassination The Jim Garrison TapesJFK case still not closed, by Joe Havely CNN, The documentary shows the 40 years that have passed and still, the Kennedy assassination continues to fascinate.The Warren Report, http//www.jfk-assassination.de/warren/index.php viewed on 25th April 2008Gives a detailed view on the creation of the report, its members, and the critics.The Kennedy Assassination by John McAdamsAn article on the events from the death of JFK, to the conclusions as per today. The JFK Assassination, http//www.prouty.org/giamarco.html, viewed on 23rd April 2008 The David Giarmaco story of 1998 when he revisited the JFK murder.

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T-Mobile Corporation Essay Example for Free

T-Mobile Corporation EssayT- Mobile is the German mobile network operator whereas T stands for telecom and Team and is worlds sixth largest mobile phone answer provider. It provides range of services to guest in form of voicemail, messaging and email to WAP and mobile office solutions. Despite its success, it is related to several study problems and issues, and most of them are related to network problems.Problems and issues related to T-MobileThe major complaint of the user is that they are confront the problem of dropped c on the wholes. T-Mobile is aware of this problem and is not responding in proper way towards the problem. They are even unable to earn the problem in spite of knowing the fact that customers are facing problem. The customer representative does not want to note the complaint even when he is aware that play along is doing mistake.In addition, it has shortest bonny tenure as compared to other service provider. The option to switch to other brands in f ront of consumers has change magnitude manifolds in the recent years, which is the greatest problem. T-Mobile received highest rank from their subscribers in customer service except in recent years, it is providing weak customer service. In a very famous incident or persona of Paris Hilton, it was found high tech wireless T-Mobile was taken over by the hackers this denotes that T-mobile lacks in the issue of providing security and authenticity to the customer.Solutions related to the problem go about by T-Mobile As we know that T-Mobile is one of the leadership mobile telecommunications companies and covers the fastest growth, therefore, few amendments are required in its system to make it back its reputation. At first, T-Mobile needs to hire large number of call centre staffs who prepare the company to face enlisting challenges. Earlier, corporate Intranet and agencies were used for internal recruitment and external hires treasureively. Therefore, reduction in recruitment expense was required. To solve this problem, company should incorporate alternatives such as Microsoft access database or paper filing system for the wariness of entire recruitment outgrowth. It also needs to lower the cost and to provide constantly best service than other service provider to occupy large part of grocery share. To expose the leading-edge image of the recruitment process, improvements are required in an on-line application process, not only to support corporate identity, but also to provide appli send wordts with more information and a clear course of action. One of the greatest challenges faced by applicants was the understanding of recruitment process- especially tracking. This process was very complex and slow, as it required serial publication of functions to be performed by different departments this required large amount of administration and management time.This problem can be overcome by adopting Peopleclicks web-based recruitment management solution beca use it follows centralized and standardized process to help reduce cost. In addition, peopleclick (global Total Workforce Acquisition provider) would move strategic shift from agencies to e- Recruitment. It facilitates the company with improved technology, reduced costs and quick and easy access. To gain customers attention, BPM solutions are required because it helps in establishing a unique insight into people-to-people, people-to-application and application-to-application interactions that constitutes business process.Who is the change going to proceed, How will it affect them and How will it affect the company? With the help of above-mentioned solutions, prominent breakthroughs eat up been observed in several aspects of the company. T-mobile group is in full integrated which made its financial backing and has been renamed to T-mobile Czech Republic. It has provided a portfolio of services to the customers in all countries on a unified basis. The strategy of comprehensive cust omers care has helped in regaining popularity. This is evident by expression at the record of admitting 400 new clients only in one year.Tangible/Intangible benefits of T-mobileWith the creation of several amendments , T-Mobile kept its position with a market share of 46.2% and over 4 million subscribers at the end of 2004. Gross additions to tangible and intangible assets together with higher investments in subsidiaries and associates (eg, T-Systems Hungary purchased an additional minority stakes in Stonebridge) and partly offset by increase proceeds from strong estate sales. Rebranding of Westel to T-Mobile Hungary was a real success.T-Mobile once again, was able to maintain its leading position in a highly competitive market with 46.2% market share. The customer base exceeded 4 million at the end of Q4 2004. The postpaid customer increased to 28.9% of the total customer base as compared to 26.1% at the end of year 2003. With introduction of new packages, a slight increase in usage was seen and the pressure on the employees was drastically reduced.Pros and Cons of T-Mobile T-Mobile has smallest coverage areas in respect of all field carriers because it more new in comparison to other carriers. It is one of the two U.S carriers that have not launched its Third Generation network. Upgrading of network allow T-Mobile to provide facility to users to download internet case in more effective manner. Many benefits are also provided to the subscriber of T-Mobile by making availableness of free phones after rebate and discount price.For eg. The Blackberry Pearl is the thinnest, lightest BlackBerry produced so far. Main features take on a digital camera, a built-in music player, Bluetooth. Plus, a more accurate and faster QUERTY keyboard to get things done Exclusive Pricing T-Mobile also provides prepaid cell phones called as to Go Phones, which gave an offer of national and regional calling, and they do not require any credit checks or contracts.Conclusion As we all known T-mobile is one of the leading service provider company to all the subscribers in U.S.A and Europe and its has some special features which makes it easy to stay connected and. It provides number of multiple facilities to its users in form of cameras with video pictures, Bluetooth connectivity, prescribed EDGE, Wi Fi and extra speed that need to access internet network. T-Mobile is a smart phone with excellent plait and very attractive, powerful and effective display. Thus with the implementation of above stated recommendations it may attain lots higher level.REFERENCEReferred to sites-1. http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-Mobile.2. http//www.gartner.com/teleconferences/attributes/Americas wireless market overview.3. http//www.peopleclick.com/clients/tmobile.asp/ people click.4. http//www.the-cell-phone-advisor.com/t-mobile.html/pros and cons of T-Mobile wireless service.Dated on 10th July 2007

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To bring about its downfall Essay Example for Free

To get under ones skin about its downfall EssayThe Crucible is set in Salem, Massachusetts, during the 17th century. Salem is a genuinely religious village, with life being centred around the church. E actuallyone was expected to go to church, and to learn the Ten Com art objectdments off by heart, and al carriages to dress modestly. Sinning was not tolerated at all Rules were very strict. Everyone affrighted the devil, this was one of the religious codes. This leads to the on the whole town becoming very superstitious, believing in witchcraft and servants of the devil. This view shows how narrow minded pot can be, and it is this fear of the devil which sets the scene for the prejudice we see during the play.The story has two different meanings which dish up it to function on two different levels. It shows how a community can live in fear of God and will admit to anything when faced with a death threat. This shows how weak plenty can be and how people can use their own de ceptive minds and king to get what they want. It shows one cracking man fighting blanket against a narrow minded judicial system that opines in demons and that sins are unacceptable. It shows good strong men have weaknesses too and that they can be exploited.That everyone is human and unless you stand by what you believe in, it can lead to the downfall of us all. The Crucible shows a good man die when he shows weakness Abbey Williams is one of the main characters in The Crucible. She is an evil child who twists evidence and words to murder her way through the people she does not like. She must get what she wants at all costs. Abbey seems to have a familiar power which she exploits over hind end Proctor, but she seems to use it on others in the town to get what she wants. She has power over the girls in the village and threatens them for exampleI will come to you in the black of nigh terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you. And you kip down I can do it. This exhibits what a nasty girl Abbey is, and the girls in the town are scared rigid of her and will do whatever she says. This demonstrates the kind of power she has over the girls. She uses the forcefulness of her personality on the girls of the town, this leads them to do whatever she says. John was in love with Abbey and she uses this against him, she exploits it over him to get him to do what she wants for exampleShe is blackening my name in the village. You sweated like a stallion whenever I came near. These quotes show how Abbey uses what power she has over John to get him to do what she wants. It shows that Abbey knows what power she has and when to use it. This sexual power is her main power and she uses it over everyone she can. Abbey Williams is a very cruel and arrogant person she insults the decide and is aggressive towards Danforth for example Ill have no such looks If I have to answer that I will leave and never come back again. This shows that she ca n say this to the judges and get away with it, and that Abbey even seems to have power over the judges and court officials. Abbey Williams pretends she was taken by the devil in order to get power over the people of Salem and to get what she wants, this shows how evilly twisted she is. On the other hand the Putnams have a wholly different kind of power. They have the power of their material possessions. They are very wealthy, but they are grabby and they have a habit of claiming knock down that is not theirs for exampleYour grandfather had a habit of avocation land that never belonged to him. This leads the Putnams to be disliked in the town. The Putnams do have a lot of land most of it swindled from their neighbours and because the rest of the people in Salem arent as rich, lots of them are resentful towards the Putnams. every(prenominal) the Putnams sons have died we learn this during the play When Mrs Putnam says Reverend Parris, I have laid seven babies unbaptised in the e arth. Believe me sir you never saw more hearty babies born. And yet they would wither in my arms the very night of their birth.

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Carr and the Thesis Essay Example for Free

Carr and the Thesis EssayEdward Carr begins What is History? By saying what he thinks history is nonby being negative. In Carrs words, what history is not, or should not be, is a way of constructing historical accounts that ar obsessed with both the details and the documents which are said to contain them. Carr believes that by doing this the profoundly important regulate power of the historiographer will su depone be d causeplayed. Carr goes on to argue in his archetypical chapter- that this downgrading of historiography arose because mainstream historiographers unite three things rootage, a simple but actually strong assertion that the proper function of the historian was to show the past as it re wholey was second, a positivist stress on inductive method, where you first get the facts and past draw purposes from them and third and this especially in Great Britain a dominant empiricist rationale. Together, these naturalized for Carr what still stood for the c ommon wiz good deal of historyThe empirical theory of get it onledge presupposes a complete breakup between subject and object. Facts, like sense-impressions, impinge on the observer from outside and are independent of his consciousness. The transition of reception is passive having received the data, he then acts on themThis consists of a corpus of ascertained facts runner get your facts straight, then plunge at your peril into the shifting sands of comment that is the ultimate wiseness of the empirical, commonsense school of history. 2 Clearly, however, commonsense doesnt work for Mr.Carr.For he sees this as precisely the view one has to reject. Unfortunately things begin to get a little complicated when Carr tries to show the light, since while it seems he has three philosophical shipway of going about his studies one being epistemological and devil ideological his prioritizing of the epistemological over the ideological makes history a science too complex for comprehe nsion to anyone early(a) than himself. Carrs epistemological argument states that not all the facts of the past are actually historical facts. Furthermore, thither are vital distinctions to be drawn between the events of the past, the facts of the past and the historical facts. That historical facts all give out this way is by being branded so by recognized historians. Carr develops this argument as follows What is a historical fact? According to the commonsense view, there are certain basic facts which are the analogous for all historians and which form, so to let loose, the backbone of history the fact, for example, that the battle of Hastings was fought in 1066. save this view calls for two observations. In the first place, it is not with facts like these that the historian is primarily concerned. It is no doubt important to k straightway that the great battle was fought in 1066 and not 1065 or 1067The historian must not get these things wrong. alone when points of this kin d are raised, I am reminded of Housmans remark that accuracy is a duty, not a virtue. To praise a historian for his accuracy is like praising an architect for using well-seasoned timber. It is a necessary condition of his work, but not his essential function.It is precisely for matters of this kind that the historian is entitled to rely on what have been called the auxiliary sciences of history archaeology, epigraphy, numismatics, chronology, and so-forth. 3 Carr thinks that the insertion of such facts into a historical account, and the entailment which they will have relative to early(a) selected facts, depends not on any quality intrinsic to the facts in and for themselves, but on the reading of events the historian chooses to give It used to be said that facts direct for themselves. This is, of course, untrue.The facts speak barely when the historian calls on them it is he who decides to which facts to give the floor, and in what order or contextThe only reason why we are i nterested to know that the battle was fought at Hastings in 1066 is that historians picture it as a major historical event. It is the historian who has decided for his own reasons that Caesars crossing of that lilliputian stream, the Rubicon, is a fact of history, whereas the crossings of the Rubicon by millions of other peopleinterests nobody at allThe historian is because necessarily selective.The belief in a hard core of historical facts existing objectively and on an individual basis of the historian is a preposterous fallacy, but one which it is very hard to eradicate. 4 Following on from this, Carr ends his argument with an illustration of the process by which a slight event from the past is transformed into a historical fact. At Stalybridge Wakes, in 1850, Carr tells us about a gingerbread seller being trounce to death by an angry mob this is a well documented and authentic fact from the past. provided for it to become a historical fact, Carr argues that it needed to be taken up by historians and inserted by them into their interpretations, hence becoming part of our historical computer memory. In other words concludes Carr Its status as a historical fact will turn on a question of interpretation. This element of interpretation enters into every fact of history. 5 This is the substance of Carrs first argument and the first topographic point that is easily taken outside after a quick read his work.Thereby initially surmising that Carr thinks that all history is just interpretation and there are really no such things as facts. This could be an easily mislead conclusion if one ceases to read any further. If the interpretation of Carr stops at this point, then not only are we left with a strong impression that his whole argument about the nature of history, and the status of historical knowledge, is effectively epistemological and disbelieving, but we are also not in a good position to see why.Its not until a few pages past the Stalybridge example that Carr rejects that there was too skeptical a relativism of Collingwood, and begins a few pages after that to reinstate the facts in a rather unproblematical way, which eventually leads him towards his own version of objectivity. Carrs other two arguments are therefore crucial to follow, and not because they are explicitly ideological. The first of the two arguments is a perfectly reasonable one, in which Carr is opposed to the obsession of facts, because of the resulting common sense view of history that turns into an ideological expression of grownupism.Carrs argument runs as follows. The classical, idle idea of come about was that individuals would, in exercising their freedom in ways which took account of the competing claims of others somehow and without too much intervention, live on towards a harmony of interests resulting in a greater, freer harmony for all. Carr thinks that this idea was then extended into the argument for a sort of general intellectual laissez-faire , and then more particularly into history.For Carr, the fundamental idea supporting liberal historiography was that historians, all going about their work in different ways but mindful of the ways of others, would be able to collect the facts and allow the free-play of such facts, thereby securing that they were in harmony with the events of the past which were now truthfully represented. As Carr puts this The nineteenth century was, for the intellectuals of Western Europe, a comfortable period exuding confidence and optimism.The facts were on the whole satisfactory and the inclination to ask and answer awkward questions about them correspondingly weakThe liberalview of history had a close affinity with the economic doctrine of laissez-faire also the crossing of a serene and self-confident outlook on the world. Let everyone get on with his particular job, and the out of sight hand would take care of the universal harmony. The facts of history were themselves a demonstration of th e supreme fact of a beneficent and apparently infinite hop on towards higher things. 6 Carrs second argument is therefore both straightforward and ideological.His point is that the idea of the freedom of the facts to speak for themselves arose from the happy coincidence that they just happened to speak liberal. But of course Carr did not. Thereby knowing that in the history he wrote the facts had to be made to speak in a way other than liberal (i. e. in a Marxist type of way) then his own experience of making the facts, his facts, is universalized to become everyones experience. Historians, including liberals, have to transform the facts of the past into historical facts by their positioned intervention.And so, Carrs second argument against commonsense history is ideological. For that matter, so is the third. But if the second of Carrs arguments is lite to see, his third and final one is not. This argument needs a little ironing out. In the first two critiques of commonsense histo ry, Carr has effectively argued that the facts have no intrinsic think of, but that theyve only gained their relative value when historians put them into their accounts after all the other facts were under consideration.The conclusion Carr drew is that the facts only speak when the historian calls upon them to do so. However, it was part of Carrs position that liberals had not recognized the shaping power of the historian because of the passion of the fact and that, because of the dominance of liberal ideology, their view had become commonsense, not only for themselves, but for practically all historiography. It appeared to Carr that historians seemed to subscribe to the position that they ought to act as the channel through which the facts of the past for their own sake were allowed self-expression.But Carr, not wanting to go the route of his fellow historians, nor wanting to succumb to the intellectual complaints about the end of the experience of originality, says In the follo wing pages I shall try to distance myself from prevailing trends among Western intellectualsto show how and why I think they have gone astray and to stake out a claim, if not for an optimistic, at any rate for a saner and more balanced outlook on the prox. 7 It is therefore this very pointed position which stands behind and gives most, if not all, of the reason for Carrs writing What is History?Carr himself seems to be quite extend that the real motive behind his text was the ideological necessity to re-think and re-articulate the idea of continued historical progress among the conditions and the doubters of his own skeptical days. Carrs real concern was the fact that he thought the future of the whole modern world was at stake. Carrs own optimism cannot be supported by the facts, so that his own position is just his opinion, as equally without foundation as those held by optimistic liberals. Consequently, the only conclusion that can arguably be drawn is that the past doesnt actu ally enter into historiography, bar rhetorically. In actuality there should be no nostalgia for the loss of a real past, no sentimental memory of a more certain time, nor a panic that there are no foundations for knowledge other than rhetorical conversation.

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I.S.U journal Kite runner Essay Example for Free

I.S.U journal Kite runner EssayPlot (important feat only) The increase runner is astir(predicate) the life of a young boy named emeer. emeer lives in a lavish house in the richest district of Kabul, in Afghanistan. emir has everything he could ever want but the loving attention and acceptance of his start, Baba. In their house, they invite 2 Hazara servants. Ali and his son Hassan who are part of the nonage ethnicity at the time. Hassan grew up with emeer in the same house and he was much more(prenominal) than near a best friend. Baba treated Hassan equ every last(predicate)y to emeer, as if they were brothers.Each year it was a tradition for the Afghan community to have a festival of kites where there would be a single victor to hoist amongst hundreds. ameer was a great kite flyer and Hassan was the best kite runner there was. This year, ameer won the tournament and his dad was really uplifted of him. amir was really happy to lastly have some loving attenti on from his father. Hassan promised to run the last kite defeated for emeer. He did not engender immediately so emir went looking for him. amir saw Hassan cornered by Assef, a bully, and two of his friends. emeer then watched Hassan take a brutal beating just to entertain the blue kite for him. emeer watched him get beaten and did nothing. The relationship between Amir and Hassan has never been the same after that day. Amir felt that either he or Hassan must leave and so he puts his birthday show under Hassans pillow. Later, Hassan admits that he stole them and Ali says they must leave. Baba pleads with him to stay, but Ali refuses. Years after Hassan and Ali left field, the Roussi army attacked, forcing Baba and 18 year old Amir to flee the country to California. The states provided a whole advanced life for Baba and particularly Amir.Amir attends high train and college to pursue his dream to become a famous writer. Amir is stalk every day by the image of Hassan getting beaten and him not reacting, pretending as if he were never there. In California, Baba controls an Afghan community in which he is quite popular already. He spends a lot of time at a flea market where there are many other Afghans too. Amir spots a young afghan lady, Soraya, at the flea market which he cannot keep his eyes off. When Amirs father becomes ill with cancer, Amir asks Soraya to marry him. Very shortly after they get married, Baba dies.Soraya and Amir then try to have kids but fail to and it is then when Amir receives a call from a man he has not heard of in a very long time. Rahim Khan tells Amir of the death of Hassan and his wife. Amir is devastated by the news. Rahim in en manoeuvre tells Amir that their son is now in an orphanage. Rahim tells Amir that purpose Hassans son is his chance to redeem his sin. Amir then goes to Afghanistan to find Hassans son. With many obstacles, including a one on one fight to the death with Assef, the bully who bullied him and Hassa n at a young age, Amir comes out of Afghanistan with Hassans son.He comes back to California with many injuries. Sohrab, Hassans son, goes to school and lives a new life in America. Hassan and his wife officially adopt him and provide him a life full of potential. The apologue ends with Amir teaching Sohrab how to fly a kite, as he battles a kite and defeats it. Characters Amir Amir is the narrator and protagonist of the novel. He is a Pashtun boy, who evolves throughout the book to become an adult. He is also a great writer and storyteller. As readers we feel much compassion for him. His father is a wealthy man by Afghan standards, and so Amir grows up always having what he wants.He has everything he could hankering for except the loving attention of his father. He does not feel a deep emotional lodge with Baba and this causes Amir to feel a strong jealousy towards anyone receiving his fathers affection. Amir thinks Baba wishes he was more like him. Amir is often jealous of the way Baba treats Hassan. He notices that Hassan is much more like his father than he is. Amir is a conflicted character who struggles between the logical and emotional sides of his being. Throughout the novel, he struggles to knead connections with his father.His obsession and guilty conscience, along with his adult perspective looking back at childhood upshots get down him a good storyteller. Amir seems to be a mix of Hassans genius and Assefs personality making him in the middle of good and bad. He then gets the chance to fight Assef one on one to the death which was like facing the bad side of himself. Baba Baba is Amirs father. Later in the novel we find out that he is also Hassans father. He is considered a hero and a leader in Kabul and he is always doing things for others. He always seems to expect more from Amir.Baba has sharp morals and philosophies on life that he tries to teach Amir over time. He was even uncoerced to sacrifice himself to keep the Russian guard from raping the women travelling with them. By doing so, Amir later understands that doing what is right is dampen than saving yourself. Baba felt guilty through his whole life for not being able to bang Hassan as his son. For this reason, he tries to redeem his guilt by providing good actions to everyone around him. He even construct an orphanage. His emotions are very well hidden by his outer appearance.In the end, he is very proud of Amir. He dies happily because he was able to build the relationship he had always valued with at least one of his sons. We also find out that Amir and Baba some(prenominal) shared a never-ending feeling of guilt inside of them for different reasons. Hassan Hassan is Amirs playmate and servant. He is a Hazara and we find out late in the novel that he is Amirs half-brother. Hassan epitomizes the perfect servant who is not only loyal to his master, but also forgiving and good-natured. Even after hes been betrayed, Hassan lies for Amir and he still con siders him as a friend.Hassan grows up in the same place as Amir but has a different purpose. He is a servant and so he prepares Amir for school every morning by preparing his breakfast and books. He also does all the chores during the day while Amir is at school getting an education. Hassan later gets married and has a son. He dies late in the novel. Hassan represents all that is good and kind. Assef Assef is the antagonist of the novel. Assef does not see Hazaras as equal to Pashtuns. Near the beginning of the novel, he vanquish Hassan violently.At the end of the novel, he fights Amir one on one to the death until Sohrab shot him in the eye. He is a villain who ends up joining the Taliban. Assef represents all that is evil and cruel. Personal reaction to the novel The kite runner was an amazing novel. I personally loved it. I finished the book in less than a week because I simply could not stop reading it after I first opened the book. I felt a lot of strong emotions when reading this book. When Hassan was beaten violently and Amir just stood there and watched, I was really scared for Hassan.The picture was very shiny in my mind and I felt terrible for Hassan. I also felt sad for Amir because he only finds out in the end that he and his dad were much more alike than they both thought. When Baba is already dead, Amir finds out the truth about him and how they both share an endless guilt. I also really liked this novel because I got to learn a bit about Afghanistan since it was the main place setting of the novel. Out of all the books that students have to read in English class throughout the years, this is one of the some that are really good.I actually really enjoyed reading this book, unlike many books read in the past years. I would strongly suggest to keep teaching this book to future students. Authors style and voice The kite runner written by Khaled Hosseini uses the narrative writing style. The author places himself as Amir and narrates you the stor y. The author also uses a lot of accurate descriptions to give the readers a vivid regard of a setting, character or object. Since it is Amir narrating the story, he tells it from the viewpoint of an adult looking back crosswise his life.It is a personal narration in an informal, conversational style, similar to dialogue rather than a self-consciously literary style of writing. Amirs voice is graceful consistent throughout most of the novel. However, the phrase and diction develop as he moves from talking about his childhood years to talking about his adult years. At the beginning of the book, when he narrates his childhood life, he tends to use childlike language much(prenominal) as he never told on me1. When he gets older, the vocabulary and diction used to narrate are more advanced since Amir has evolved not only physically, but intellectually as well.The authors voice or Amirs voice also changes at times of stress or anxiety. After his fight with Assef, the sentence structur e becomes very hesitant and broken to reflect the severe fugitive damage of Amirs mind. Themes Redemption Redemption is searched by two important characters through the novel. Baba and Amir are both seeking redemption for two different reasons. Baba had sex with his servant and this resulted in having a Hazara boy. Because Hassan was a Hazara, he could not publically announce that he was his son and so he kept it a secret during his whole life.The fact that he could not acknowledge Hassan as his son do him feel very guilty and he never stopped striving to redeem himself. Baba even rein personnel departmentd an orphanage to help redeem himself according to Rahim Khan. Amir is also searching for redemption ever since he saw Hassan take a beating without reacting at all. Redemption is what brings Amir to Afghanistan which is a big event in this story. Forgiveness Hassans actions demonstrate that he did forgive Amirs betrayal. Amir pretty much spends the entire novel to learn about t he nature of forgiveness.Babas actions of redemption are an tone-beginning to gain public forgiveness for what he has not even publically admitted to have done. When Amir finally discovers Babas big secret from Rahims letter, he ends up forgiving his father. Forgiveness plays an important intention in the story. Immigrant experience In this book, we get to know how hard it can be for immigrants to leave their native land and to successfully arrive to their destination. Baba and Amir are among many Afghans who struggle to leave. There are plenty of work out risks and uncertainties in the next passages for immigrants.Many immigrants die before they even reach their new homes. In addition to the roughies of their lives in a new country, the immigrants also have to accept what or who they have left behind. When arriving to a new country, immigrants also try to maintain their traditions and some semblance of their own culture, which can be hard. Baba loses his circumstance once the y arrive in America and still has his old prejudices. Soraya and her mother also demonstrate the difficult role women have balancing the expectations of an old world culture with the new world in which they are living.Sohrab quickly adapts to his new country and has a life full of potential waiting for him. Symbols The pomegranate manoeuvre While Amir and Hassan are both young and carefree, they carve their names in the tree and it bears fruit. Therefore, the tree symbolizes their relationship. Much later when Hassan is dead and Amir is filled with guilt, the tree just like Amirs memories still exists but no longer bears fruit. The tree not only symbolizes a unifying force between Amir and Hassan but also serves as a source of division.When Amir wanted Hassan to clap him with the pomegranate fruit in order to inflict physical pain as a penalization to lessen his guilt instead, Hassan breaks the fruit over his own head to prove his loyalty. The tree brings back vivid memories when Amir returns to Afghanistan. Kites and the blue kite Kites and everything associated with them are undoubtedly the most important symbols in this novel. This blue kite is even more important because it symbolizes a chance for Amir to obtain Babas attention. Amir thought that the only way hed earn his fathers attention would be to coax the kite flying tournament.This blue kite is the last kite competing against Amirs during the tournament. As he cuts the last kites string, Hassan runs off to fetch the kite for Amir. The blue kite also symbolizes Hassans loyalty. Amir wanted to show all the kids at school that he won the tournament and got to keep the last remaining kite that he faced one on one. He mostly wanted to show this kite to his father. As the novel continues, the kite becomes a symbol of betrayal which leads Amir to the get out of finding redemption. Hassan sacrificed him just to bring kite back to Amir as he said he would.Hassan took a beating to keep the kite and Amir w atched it happen without reacting. Amir feels guilt ever since this present moment until the very end of the novel, where Amir is running a kite for Hassans son. At the end, the kites symbolizes happiness, freedom and peace at last. Scars Hassan has a tell lip since he was a child, and it is one of the features Amir refers to the most when describing him. The split in his lip symbolizes Hassans status in the society. It signifies poverty and minority as an ethnicity which is one study thing that differentiates him from Amir, because it indicates that his family do not have the money to fix his lip.Baba eventually pays a surgeon to emend Hassans lip as a birthday gift, signifying his secret fatherly love for Hassan. Later in the novel, Assef splits Amirs lip in his one on one duel with Amir. Amir is left with a permanent scar very similar to Hassans. This scar on Amir symbolizes the fact that Amir has become like Hassan not only physically, but mentally too in the sense that he has learnt to stand up for what is right. Bibliographical information Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. New York Riverhead Books, (2003) I got a 4+ on this journal , so it should do you some good

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Asca Model Handouts Essay Example for Free

Asca homunculus Handouts evidenceThe Flow The black and white graphics were c atomic number 18fully chosen to communicate the flow of information and get out with the four elements of the school program. The Foundation feeds into the attention system and Delivery System. In turn, both Management and Delivery System feed into responsibility process as data collected from program instruction duties and from the delivery of the CSCP flow together for evaluation, program improvement and dissemination. Finally, you volition notice that the white arrow into the Account major power Block create a black arrow pointing the Foundation block, as the results of the reports and the evaluation process are used to further refine the mission statement and assess progress toward the students attainment of the ASCA caseASCA study ModelSchool Success standards outline finishings for school counseling program, establish school counseling as essential and integral to the educational mission o f all schools, promote access by all students, and thread the key competencies all students should be able to demonstrate by the end of their K-12 experienceby further genuine collaboration as the building of the interdependent system to achieve a common goal that cannot be achieved by each entity working alone. Systematic ChangeTaken together, leadership, advocacy and collaboration finish systematic transpose. It occurs when policies and procedures are examined and changed in light of new data. The Elements outline the structures that the school counselors must have in place to do work. (Further discussed to the first handout) Foundations 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Philosophy 6 topics (ASCA, 2003) A set of beliefs motivating program innovations A set of values visible to all A set of principles guiding victor contributions Statement of professional conduct Statement committing counselors to continuous professional growth Source of collective powerThe modelThe ASCA National model reflects the Themes, Elements and the Flow TheThemes constitute the environment in which school counselor conduct their work leadership School counselors serves a leader who are engaged in a system wide change to ensure student success. According to Bolman Deal (1997) Four Frames of leadership Definition by ASCA National Model Professional School Counselor is a certified/ Licensed educator who addresses the ask of students comprehensively through the utensilation of a developmental school counseling program Counseling a confidential affinity in which the counselor meets with the students, to help them resolve or cope constructively with their problems and developmental concerns Consultation cooperative partnership in which the counselor works with parents, teachers and administrators, school psychologist, social workers etc in order to plan and implement strategies to help students be successful. Structural leadership Human resource leadership Political leadership emblemat ic leadershipMinimum, the Philosophy statement should (ASCA, 2003) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Indicate a shared belief system about the ability of all students to achieve Address the every student Address student development needs and charge on primary prevention Address the school counselors role as an advocate for every student Identify persons to be involved in the delivery of program activities Specify who bequeath plan and manage the program Use data to drive program decisions Define how the program will be evaluated and by whom Include ethical guidelines or standardsFive step template of leadership gainsay the process Inspire a shared vision Enable other to act Model the style Encourage the heartAdvocacy School counselors advocate for students educational needs and work to ensure these needs are addressed at every level of the school experience. They also works as advocates to get hold of systemic barriers that impede the academic success of any student. Collaborati onSchool counselor build sound teamsManagement System Delivery System AccountabilityReported byDiane Avelino Sherryl Lapore Clarisse Raquinel Karen Kris Espaola

The Transformation of Lucius Essay Example for Free

The Transformation of Lucius EssayThe bookThe Transformations of Lucius, also known as comfortable Ass, or Metamorphoses, is a allegory with magic, adventure and lesson. This was translated from the original Latin text into English by Robert Graves. The book by Lucius Apuleius, alter a Greek story.The story is a journey spiced with mix of erotic, comedy, and romantic encounters. However, the story can be observed as a religious fable. It is one and only(a) of the early European literature pieces with Eastern deviate and a very modern feel. Written almost 2000 years ago, the book retains its energy and ferment that entertains the readers and the subject matter or lesson that it employs.The Lucius transformation of man turning into ass provides a situation that enables the character to experience hardships and start dramatic scenes for the story. This determines the struggle to play upon. This instance of transformation of a man into an ass implies a magical experience wh ich can be seen by means ofout the story.Some instances are the mysteries of Isis and having himself performed miracles necessitating the mastery of magic and sorcery. However, the story emphasizes the veracity through twists of events like tragic and drama. The novel portrays about the man and the struggle of life in a world of limited resources. Magic as described in the story does not eliminate the naive realism or incapacity to o certain things. The write limits the use of magic, in order to focus on a more human experience such as struggle.One struggle that Lucius had arises from his own inner(a) desires for pleasure. The journey to escape from the bonds of desire is a challenge endured by Lucius. In the story, sensual aspects of life through descriptions of erotic scenes illustrate pleasurable and the painful way of living life. The author put the character into a situation where he can show that maturation and the right wisdom needed to survive ones desires. some other c onflict that arises is from outside the character. This occurs between individuals or even a larger group of persons. It gives description of the orderliness during that time, illustrating the heroes, senators and other magnates of Roman power, also simple shepherds and farmers, cooks and scullions, artesans, slaves and beggars, and thieves of the underworld. When Lucius, as an ass, is forced to work in a flour-mill, the author describes the hideous conditions of the slaves working there. The author implied unacceptable conditions in the Empire and is a demand for reform.The construction of the story has alternation between comic and tragic experiences and between romantic and dramatic instances. One comic encounter is when Lucius and his force Milo which is offset by the tragic of Socratess death. The characters romantic sexual encounters with the maidservant line of merchandise with the horrifying story of Thelyphrons disfigurement.There are also tragic and dramatic experiences like Luciuss own secure by the dacoits and his miserable experiences at the farms. Luciuss transformation from man to ass is comic-tragic. The Lucius and Fotis episodes could also be termed comic-romantic and his funny adventures with the priests. either throughout, the story alternates between naughty and humorous happenings and dramatic or tragic events. These elements are meant to provide excitement to the readers through unpredictable events.The novel, The Transformations of Lucius, is a portrayal of mans struggle and eventually finding a true interpretation of his experience. It is important in every struggle to discover the meaning behind the things that one experience. That makes one person worthy of the success he earned.REFERENCEThe Transformations of Lucius, otherwise known as The Golden Ass. translation, notes by RobertGraves. New York Farrar, Straus Giroux, 2000 (1950).