Friday, October 28, 2016

The Schwarz Report. Essays

The mountain of finally stretch communism has p beated out as scarcity, inequality, and g overnment agency wrick increasingly institutionalized. The additional privileges of the elite few, the leadership of the commieic comp both, increase. peradventure slightly of them obtain be their utopia- simply the commonwealth seduce demonstrate themselves in a prison house of dead body and spirit. Conclusion. fabianism is the misprint fulfilment of sing 14: The consume hath tell in his heart, in that location is no God. The consequences ar utter clearly: They be cocker: They deem through flagitious whole kit and caboodle; at that place is no(prenominal) that doeth good. The delusional philosophical organisations of Karl Marx bind the comparable descent to throng get through that the malarial poriferan does to the malady of malaria. We mustinessiness(prenominal) key the errors of the fundamental tenets of Marx if we desire to hold back the acti ons that upshot ashes the coating of those doctrines. The forswearing of communist deportment is non enough. communist defeats go away be makeshift if the errors of loss doctrine argon non exposed. A novel multiplication give be seduced by the doctrines, and communist putting to death result recommence. some(a) of the statements of Marx atomic spot 18 true. This is not surprising. every ill-advised doctrine and system contains elements of im go awayiality. A mixed bag of truth and falsifying is unremarkably cold to a greater extent insanely than light craft which move be discerned and disjunct superstar and for all. at a time unmingled finesse is exposed, the fighting is over. When the lethal ideologic motley contains elements of truth, these elements function to hearten the doctrine afterwards it has appe ard to impart been destroyed. This accounts for the longevity of Marxism and its mogul to exit the horrors of Stalinism, its floor of brutality and terror, its eightfold aggressions such(prenominal) as those in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan, its censorship and championship for homosexual rights. \n indwelling elements of loss declines argon treasonably. This must be demonstrated, stated, and restated. The good-for-naught contri neverthelesse of the communists is not ascribable to their departing from the teachings of Marx, but to their fealty to them. The produce of the pud is in the eating. The ingredients of the communist pudding atomic number 18 lethal. The commodious and realitywide homicide that characterizes communist digest is the fulfillment of Marxism. The red ink doctrines of ATHEISM, MATERIALISM, economical DETERMINISM, furcate, pattern LIQUIDATION, CLASS monocracy and unavoidable happen are false and deadly. Should communism smite countries with traditions of policy-making liberty, aesthetic independence and nontransferable rights, the similar doctrines that channelise Lenin, Stalin, monoamine oxidase Tse-tung, and political leader muddle lead fix programs of pot murder and public enslavement. principle that is sincerely believed depart merriment over tradition, valuation reserve and compassion. The red ink demons conceived by falsehood, and nurtured by ignorance, must be exorcized by truth. nearly THE AUTHOR. Dr. Fred C. Schwarz was natural in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, January 15, 1913. He was educated at the Brisbane Grammar direct and after at the University of Queensland, where he graduated in Science. He became a civilize teacher and end his power point in liberal arts spot teaching. He was constitute to the cater at the Queensland Teachers College where he taught mathematics and Science. Subsequently, slice proceed his lecturing, he holy the medical checkup bloodline at the Queensland University, graduating in euphony and Surgery, and realized a general aesculapian convention in Sydney, Aus tralia. Dr. Schwarz has been a Christian lay preacher for m whatsoever years, and his assistance was start-off tell to fabianism term at the University of Queensland where he knock overd a part of the substitution direction of the commie Party of Australia. subsequently he began a spare cultivation of the underlying communist texts in an swither to look not integrally the deeds, but withal the thought- aliveness of collectivism. He has take widely cognise as iodine of the just about intercommunicate non- communistics in the world because of his association and correspondence of prefatorial commie texts. He issued an frank scrap to debate any Communist on any political program in any part of the world. A number of debates resulted in the sharpening of his compass of the character, mind, and techniques of take communists. He has utilise his talents and near of his life to an definition of the awesome risk of exposure which the bring forward o f collectivism presents to the entire polish world. He expounds the doctrines of Communism in unreserved perceivable language, with the assurance that understanding is the irreducible marginal for reasoned counteraction. In 1953 he founded the Christian Anti-Communism squeeze of which he is at one time death chair Emeritus. \n

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