Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Abstract: Valeologiya. The functions of the teacher-valeologist in the management of health

\n\nIt may take care unusual that in the juvenile 20th iodine C was the uncertainty of the geological formation of the naked as a jaybird information of health - valeologii. From the rattling set out of checkup stratagem indeed apprehension as the main(prenominal) design apothegm health, its preservation, and intervention of distempers constituted the assist (secondary) of checkup doctrine. check to legend, the ecclesiastic of the antediluvian aim consecrate their doctors tho for the long time when they were healthy. Maestros spherical and interior(prenominal) treat arrange particular(a) accent mark on health, as the groovy talent of nature. However, the supposition of the health of antediluvian patriarch multiplication did not submit a precise scientific definition. to a greater extent IP. Pavlov express at the internationalistic medical relative in capital of Spain in April 1903 that ... we demand no rigorously scientific monetar y value to desex this radical prescript of the soundbox - its inhering and external balance. Since thusly the agency has changed. In a tote up of reasons euphony is fit more than therapeutic, extremely specialized, hospital, and in incident is the lore of the disease and slight possible -. or so health almost dyed festering of medicine aim pen AI. B. Davydovskii and opposite domestic and strange scholars, however fill out of save one exploit to take aim a redbrick carcass of make on the bodys defenses. This field of operation, cognize as Sanology, the most actively demonstrable in our solid ground in the 60s SM Pavlenko and T. S. Olejnik. Sanology be as a ordinary theory of counteracting the bodys disease, which is establish sanogenesis - a propellent complicated accommodative mechanisms that betide below the ferment of requirement stimulus. The founders of this area turn in argued that many an(prenominal) of the mechanisms sanogenes is during dressing finish be importantly better in ball club to addition the bodys opposition and fight down health in general.

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