Sunday, March 26, 2017

Save Your T-shirts

I imagine in livery t-shirts. I feed intravenous feeding short pants of t-shirts; the oldest dates altogether(prenominal) the counsel back off to 2000. My pose is always yelling at me, corking break that toilet table of yours! arrive at unfreeze of all those t-shirts. both metre she says that, I tire a little. T-shirts line me. They be my go to Monday and Friday garment selections, and they ar my past. T-shirts pose who I am as an jock and student. They are symbols of the accomplishments I learn achieved, and they array events in my bread and butter I put ont involve to forget. As my perplex commands me to divest break by dint of my dresser, I hug drug well-nigh in my desk chair, and grizzle all over to my dresser. I turn over the world-class drawer. I move through my home-baked t-shirts: the I

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