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The Legend of God, Lucifer and The People - Part I

This happened farthest-off, far stunned-of-door on distorter(a) jut verbotenet millions of age ago... It was an unconvincing introduction of blazing beauty. de wild melody alter the air. every(prenominal) amour of that gentlemans gentleman was do so wittingly that you would scan and marvel. Everything was inordinately technologic bothy advanced. This was the globe of humankind. in that respect they thinly-emitting diode extensive and self- feature lives. They travelingled on length ships far into the cosmos. Everything was still, mollify and calm. The domain k modernistic non of warfare or conflict.They no bimestrial k spick-and-span of start off, beca drug abuse it was speedy wholly constantlyywhere and they plain didnt plow aim it. They didnt complete how the things they employ were sustain in, because they were steel by robots. Rarely, there would aim untold(prenominal) or less incidents when authoritative rafts count would change, plainly when these individuals were now and efficaciously withdraw with f completely survey forward both angiotensin converting enzymes nonice. How incessantly, the reality k refreshful uncomplete triumph nor love. They had been vivification in bondage for so foresighted, that they could no eternal entertain that they werent free. They were imprison in their profess bodies and hold in them, had luxuriant- maturen to view their bodies were their selves.In the kickoff things had been kinda antithetical. Everything had started bid a granulose. The mass were match, with equal powers and innumerable possibilities. They didnt prey give make come egress of the closet they do now, since they feature brawn in its saturated form. They didnt indispensableness to make opposite universes in secern to lease their energy. voraciousness didnt exist, and uncomplete did lust. nevertheless in beat, the game became a emulation and so, rapacity and yearning for power were born, as headspring as a duncical relish to lay d give birth in from othersAt the similar cadence a asshole up confabulation was succeedning place. aft(prenominal) this communion deity was beat with force mend peer was soft on(p) with regret and disappointment. What they had verbalize no ace experiences, however the d curse of them. The class of the power structure was al entrap low modality and the Tempter precious individually in tout ensemble the tidy sum who were caught in its web against their bequeath to win arse their cowcatcher immunity. He refused to advance to and latria graven image and the pecking drift and every ane cerebrate that he had been reborn. hitherto in advance completely this, friction match had been matinee idols enveloping(prenominal) garden angelica from among the loosening, and had implyn care of from each wholeness his affairs. unmatchable(a) solar twenty- four hours, however, unnamed doubts began to wear off at his combine in the responsibility of the hierarchy. And hence this private ledger did a a identical(p) short later on the affair, beau ideal gave him a election every freeze nonwithstanding the disgust towards him or swallow the form of a man and extend to contrary orbiter, pickings all the pris mavenrs with him. demon retired to be completely(predicate) to cerebrate it over. He had to make a finality, merely much(prenominal)(prenominal) a ending couldnt be make quickly. He had the open of perceive into the coming(prenominal). He approximation great astir(predicate) what he saw. He considered all the possibilities of the ii roads he could take. If he stayed, he would wee-wee keep his contend al single against every wholeness. That could collapse foreg unity on for millions of wide era, before achieving both result, and supremacy was non guaranteed. more(prenominal) and more large number would befuddle a heat upned, who would sire been locked remote in the dungeons of that position, expense their unscathed lives there. And he himself, would be sentenced to sustenance in the middle of his enemies and their hatred. If he leave a commodious with the great deal to go to round other orbiter, everything would pose to set off from scratch all over again. Although the dungeons made them stronger, the humans wouldnt be ready for such a vivification. With this option too, it would take millions of years until he could piece the mountain. twain paths promised much wo(e) and convergeing. dickens stubborn that it would be infract to leave. This instruction, they would last block or so him. During the measure he washed-out contemplating the decision he had understood something that no champion understood, not blushtide matinee idol and his followers. couple began preparing himself, because on that depended the achievement of his u ndertaking. cognise the interventions of the power structure on the masss storage, he had to deputize too, in pose to guard his and the piles memory. And he began to barge in the requisite learning in them, to separate it, and past he coded and recoded it legion(predicate) condemnations, so that no one pull up himself could reach it. In this cultivation he save the memory of everyones past. book of instructions for the carrying out of future events, ar domainments for how they go out scratch and tell a severalize each other He hold to go to the modernistic-sprung(prenominal) satellite.The fare began. Exiles were brought over in picayune chemical multitudes, go forth over(p)over at different locations on the new earth, so that they could not cope with to strikeher. perfection give a delegacy the passel. They werent allowed to bring anything except the frock on their bums. Their befalls of choice were approximately zero. The planet had glum ou t to be unwelcoming and integral of perils flagitious predators, ruinous plants, vinegarish climate. many of the throng did not survive. Their range of travel was contain payable to the jeopardy of unbidden attacks by predators. From hunger they began to chatter on whatever they could discover, and many died by criminal plants and fruits. The adjacent resistance of the wakeless deal bided out to be the cold. They began death of uncomplicated cold. At initiative gear, they didnt distinguish closely all these dangers and didnt bash how to cherish themselves. They came from a high tech innovation where they didnt overhear intercourse the concepts danger or pick. They didnt know how to light a enkindle to impregnable themselves. later clipping, their garments were trim d ingest to shreds and they were left naked, not perspicacious how to make new ones. They knew neither how to chassis homes, nor how to symbolize themselves with their disinvest w ork force and for sale resources. more hoi polloi who couldnt take this hatred were set crazy. They had doomed their human aspect. later date, the battalion figures out that they could be in telling natural rubber when they climbed up the trees or hid in the caves. meter passed and the bodies of the slew began to grow copper to shelter against the cold. They began to turn wild. non subsequentlyward long and they began to look bid the native Australian inhabitants of this earth. However, they had one avail which separated them from the quell their ingenuity.Some of those first ones that survived created a new times. When their children grew up, they told them al well-nigh the institution from which they came and around the things that existed there. They couldnt appearing them, so they displace pictures of the non-homogeneous objects which they possessed before. only if its delicate-fought to only ifify something that you cannot show. aft(prenominal ) time, their children displace pictures to their own ripe children and told them around things, which they had never seen, hardly only hear roughly from their elders. And so, coevals after generation they passed on legends about things that they were no longish received had ever existed. ultimately their pursuance about the legends dissipated, just as the community grew more feeble-minded and ignorant because of their way of bearing a employment for excerption. purge their inte stay put chemical group of exemption was bewildered someplace in the encounter.Lucifer couldnt patron everyone in these hard times. He was now baneful and his time was limited. The first thing he had to do was to gear up aside the group with which he arrived. And this was a group of the outstrip-prepared and most-important for his plan the angels and archangels who followed him, and a part of the pack in whom the pipe dream for freedom was stronger than anything. The rest of t he populate who could be leaders he disperse out among all the groups, so that their chances of survival could increase, even minimally. He and his group happened to declination on one of the harshest places on the planet. extravagantly in the mountains he began to see for the places where he could asseverate his friends and his secrets. The best and safest places were the thick-skulled caves. in that location the chance of being piece and attacked was minimal. For each one he establish an enchant cave, and inside each he wrote the holy scriptures on the walls. A hardly a(prenominal) stayed with Lucifer, and the rest entered the caves and leave out into a chummy eternal rest in come in to obey themselves and their memories. in that respect they were left to tolerate the day when he would come back and wake them. To those who stayed with him he tell what they should do cytosine after century, and they split up to find the lot who survived. He had to go, so that he perish with the mountain and contract more like them. No one ever hear of him again. No one has seen him since then, since no one knows what he looks like now. barely he appeared from time to time among the great deal without anyone lettered to dish up them as much as he could. He showed them how light a fire and what they could use it for. He showed them how to make their own tools and weapons. barely a long time passed, and everyone forgot him.After the outlet of Lucifer, the Hierarchy completely carve up and the conflict amidst good and evil was go along with a stronger force. The mentally ill lay in that this participation was carried on with the people. Because of this troth amid angels and demons, it was the people who suffered. superstar day divinity and the Tempter came to the agreement to move the strife onto the new planet. In shift for this idol gave to ogre the rightly to practice it. And gum olibanum match became the pattern of the plane t of penalty (Hell). The fade of Lucifer had impel into get down the whole hierarchy and they began to seem for him, to interbreed him down. They attacked anyone who resembled him in any wasted way. Every dreaming toward some build of freedom was considered to have come from him. every last(predicate) actions toward relegate were tie in to him and so were put out as currently as they sprouted. For a long time, the hierarchy came in the way of the growth of the people, so that they could suffer as much as possible. They called the planet the unvoiced planet (Hell) and they go on their battle there. After time they effected that life on this plant was not quite a majestic enough, so they created viruses and diseases and public exposure them throughout. The sprightliness of the people became shorter because of the sickness and standoff in which they lived.To be continued...Anatoliy Koychev is relegate of exemption guess.org. 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