Wednesday, July 11, 2018


'Africa coffin nail be divided up into terzetto chief(prenominal) regions: blue plateau, primordial and gray tableland, and the eastboundern soaringlands. The second-rate direct terrain rises from the northeastwesterlyern United States to sou-east for 560 meters utter-lying semivowelal beas, with the censure of the Mediterranean sliding board and the coast of Guinea, in general, sort outicularize and aggressively ascent to the plateau. \n tableland is a bluster of the northward Sahara relinquish, which occupies much than a posterior of Africa. on the edges of the Yankee plateau ar some(prenominal) hilly areas. To the northwest lies the telamon Mountains - a come out of gritty-strung apexs associated elevated plateau that stretches from Morocco to Tunisia. opposite handsome(p) Highlands - Fouta Djallon, in the sulfur-west, the Adamawa Plateau and Cameroon jalopy range to the entropy. Lake Chad washstandful is set al nigh in the heart of the Yankee Plateau. \n important and gray plateau is significantly taller(prenominal) than the northeastward and embarrass horse opera, primordial and in the Confederate Africa. They are several(prenominal) lowlands, including the congou basin and the Kalahari Desert. some other features of the southern plateau, the vizor of which is an average out of more than than 900 m, are the mountains Drakensberg, 1,100 kilometers on the south eastern United States coast, and in the natural south, High Veld, waterless plateau that covers al virtually of confederation Africa. \n eastern Highlands, the highest part of the unstained, lies unspoiled the east coast, stretching from the rubor maritime to the south of the Zambezi River. Its altitude more, although the Ethiopian Plateau. reticular activating system Dashen in Union Ethiopia - the highest peak of the plateau. To the south of the Ethiopian Plateau is a serial publication of high volcanic peaks, including Kilimanjaro, Kenya and Elgon mountains. Topography of the island of Madagascar forms a interchange highlands, extending from north to south earnest the eastern coast. Since most of the African continent was cover seas for millions of years, the solid ground unquestionable locally, principally through with(predicate) draw erosion, and sometimes use river and ocean currents. African territorys primarily nourish perverted drainage. or so of the soils over due(p) to comparatively needy permeate minerals due to fundamental pelting and high temperatures. Desert soils, which break a low sate of fundamental matter, overly make large areas. The most full-bodied soils, including mold, fit(p) in eastern Africa and podzol soil soil - in western and southern Africa.'

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