Friday, December 21, 2018

'Reaction Paper: Film About Life The Forest Has Essay\r'

'The film that we watched showed what kind of carriage the timbre has and how large diversity of tone inhabits in it. The trees ar not only the existing things that exist in it nevertheless some kinds of animals and insects as well. Life in the woods is so rich and there are umteen biotic forces that strive nasty just to survive.\r\nTrees for example, need light for qualification food and getting energy but since they are too some in numbers, only the oldest and the strongest get to grow. Even so, since life is a cycle, a death of a powerful tree sheds birth to secondary plants and a new cycle or generation comes about. Animals take a crap their way of go too. They usu tout ensembley go or racy in large numbers so as to get a strategic territory. Chimpanzees for example live in closure and protect their habitat from separate chimpanzees and other animals as well. They love pattern trees too. Since many other animals like birds and squirrels like fig trees, the chi mpanzees ward off their territories by creating clanking screams or sounds to frighten their enemies.\r\nSurvival is the just about important thing in the forest. ace has to be strong to be bouncy and to keep their species reproducing. One also has to be wise and strong but it is not insurance to life. Many species became extinct and many reproduce a lot.\r\nI very like the film because it showed how diverse the biotic forces in the forest. It gave the viewers the glimpse of life in the forest and the never originally seen happenings in it that lay people do not know or have no knowledge about.\r\nI knowledgeable how important our forest and the ecosystem in our life and how we should take good care of it. We should stop up it is healthy because if it breathe outs, all the life-time organisms living in it will die. And surely, not enormous afterwards, the human race will die with it.\r\nTherefore, we should start conserving our forest. We should not wait until it is rich ly destroyed beyond repair because all the living forces will suffer the consequence, including us.\r\n'

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