Sunday, January 27, 2019

Great Depression Essay

The Goernwork forcet Didnt Do exuberant The Govern custodyt Did Enough Common Knowledge Common Knowledge William Lyon Mackenzie king William Lyon Mackenzie King -wouldnt give Conservative authoritiess financial assistance - -thought unemploy manpowert was seasonal -wanted to balance the calculate Richard B. Bennett -king beats Bennett in the 1935 election (New Deal) -helped surface those who sent him letters -did zero point after winning election -Bennetts new deal wellness insurance, Unemployment insurance, Maximum work week, Richard B.Bennett financial assistance to farmers -Raised Tariffs -Unemployment reflex camps Co-operative Common wealth alliance (CCF) -Bennett blanket and buggy -J. S. Woodsworth Saskatchewan -public own Co-operative Common Wealth Federation (CCF) -increase social programs -J. S.Woodsworth Saskatchewan -government spend their way out of the depression Social identification Social Credit -Bible Bill Aberhardt Alberta -Bible Bill Aberhardt Alberta -Federal government wouldnt allow it -every integrity to get $25 per month to spend on necessities Union Nationale Union Nationale - Maurire Duplessis Quebec Maurire Duplessis Quebec -emphasis on french language and culture PDF PDF paginate 2 kids had to cut street car tickets in half which were pageboy 23 relief camps gave you food shelter and transportation. 12 for a cast so then they would get 24 for a quarter essentially everything you needed page 5 kids hunted squirrels and gophers for meat paginate 35 Bennetts new deal. 8 hour work day, minimum wage, foliate 6 kids would chew grain instead of gum (would chew elimination of child labour, insurance plan, and controlled alfalfa until it became like gum) prices. CCF, government has ownership of bank, insurance, bank, varlet 8 kids were told on that point was no Santa communication and power companies. varlet 33 men would walk 11 miles to apply for a job just now t o scallywag 19 William Abhardt purposed goal was to give $25 every month find out there are hundreds of mountain all furbish up there waitingto increase prosperity Page 34 farmers could not afford gas so they would attach Page 16 hundreds of men would get meals at the soup kitchen their car to their horse and called it the Bennett Buggy Page 29 one didnt have to pay income tax unless ones income was Page 8 unemployment relief camps only paid 20 cents a day. over $2000 Page 20 hundreds of men were found sleeping in a Toronto Page 12 relief payments sometimes were in vouchers. Could only leafy vegetable with only a newspaper covering them. Bennett Blanket buy specific items Page 21 jail cellular telephones were in terrible condition. Each cell might have a bed. 200 men waiting for one toilet. Stomach troubles because of the food Page 10 Large companies laid false workers from railway strikes Page 3 Bennett raises tariffs Page 2 people attached crimes to g o to jail and have food to eat Page 24 innocent bystanders killed because of relief camp strikers Page 36 hard for farmers to be relieved, no way of transportation Page 2 boys were given unavailing tasks (dig then fill holes) Page 7 one would pay doctors in food because one had no money Page 10 men in relief camps were treated like dirt/slaves Page 22 paper shack, 79 x 24 with no windows. 88 men Page 33 people tried to sell vacuums, pictures, books, brushes. Too epic Page 10 government wanted the unemployed men out of sight Page 12 no jobs therefore unemployment so people had lots of dept Page 15 cars had disappeared because owners had to buy anti forget, but anti freeze was costly Page 7 kids did not see an orange until Christmas Page 8 one could not leave the relief camp because there was nothing for about 100 miles. Had to stay Page 14 Canadian government deported/sent back over 10,000 immigrants. Some immigran ts risked their lives to come to Canada. No jobs so the government sent them back thinking it was the solution.

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