Thursday, January 17, 2019

Maggie Hobson Essay

Maggies personality in act mavin gives us the impression that she is actually stereotypey and always wants her own way, this is a shop you know, we are not here to let people go without buying. She is bossing Albert Prosser into buying a pair of boots. I reckon that this makes her demand an unpleasant appearance and is not the sort of person people identical very much. During the play the author changes your mind by showing a different aspect to her personality. In act one, she acts very busy she crosses and takes her spotlight at desk, she busies herself with an account book.This makes us think that she is the main boss of the shop. We also think that she does most of the work. The first thoughts of her is that she is anti-social. Alice oh its you, I hoped it was tiro going out. Maggie it isnt. She is acting businesslike and doesnt wait to be acting very friendly to her sister Alice. Maggie is unromantic, she doesnt think that there is both need for courtship before marr iage, See that luger with the fancy buckle on to make it pretty ? Courtings like that my lass. All glitter and no use to nobody. This shows that she doesnt hope in courting.Really courting is nothing like a slipper, still Maggie has a practical personality and doesnt believe in atrophy time. She is a lady who always get what she wants and doesnt believe that you should run out time all over courting when you can get married immediately away. Maggie organises the household and arranges the dinner time, so that, if you stay more than an hour in the Moonrakers Inn, youll be late for it. This show that she is trying to take over the main lead in the family reference, when it should be her fathers role to say when the dinner should be ready because that was the norm in that era. Maggie has swapped roles with him.Hobson is very rude to his daughters, Alice and Vicky, about their delight in fashionable clothing and the subject of getting them married. Maggie is not included in t he conversation of marriage. She then asks him what he thinks of her getting married. He lets her know he hasnt given her any thought of marriage and is very rude giving his opinion of her, scarcely if you want the brutal truth, youre pass the marrying age, youre a strait-laced old maid Maggie if ever there was one. She reacts offended and upset to this detect and tells him that she is only thirty. We can tell that she wants to get married as easy as her two sisters, Alice and Vicky.

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