Sunday, February 3, 2019

Anger of Gods Depicted in the Old Testament and Kafkas Book, Metamorph

The anger of divinity fudges throughout both stories leads you to believe that the Gods will non hesitate to take revenge on worldly concern for creating a reality of evil in a world they created for good. The Gods from Metamorphoses and the God from the Old will create a world full of life, to live happy and full of grace. The destruction and recreation of the world by the Gods of each book, however akin they may seem, are full of differences as they both teach cosmoskind lessons that should not be forgotten.Whatever God it was, who brought order to the universe, and gave it division, subdivision, he work earth Metamorphoses pg 685. In the beginning the earth had nothing, no light to chitchat sun, no wet to bath in, and no human to walk on the ground that we call land that was not land. The Gods choose to make a playground of sorts. In both literature pieces the Gods divide the heavens and the earth, burst the water from the land, light from the dark. The Gods made animals for this land and water and creatures for the air. But something else was needed a finer being, more capable of mind, a sage, a ruler, so man was born, It may be in Gods image Metamorphoses pg 686. And the Lord God formed man of the distribute of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living reason The Old Testament pg 54. The Old Testament God thought it was not good for man to be alone so from the bone of mans rib he made a woman. The first murder in the Old Testament is the beginning of God realizing that man was evil, paragon saw the wickedness of man Old Testament pg 56. Cain murdered his associate Abel, out of jealousy of the Lords love. Able a Sheppard who brought the make out of the animals and the Lord had respect fo... ...s to repopulate the earth, Go from the temple, cover your heads, loosen your robes, and flip your mothers swot behind you pg 692. Pyrrha being so innocent could not throw the hit the books o f her mother and refused until she would never insult her mother in such a way. Themis over and over told them to do this until Deucalion thought maybe he meant to throw stones behind them. When Deucalion and Pyrrha did this the stones began to lose their hardness, to soften, slowly, to take on form, to grow in size, a little, become less rough, to look like human beings pg 693. All the stones that Deucalion threw glowering to man and all the stones that Pyrrha threw behind her became women. Life began to form from other things as well. The moist mud from the waters drying turned to animals that now roam our earth, go in our seas and oceans, birds that fly in our skies.

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