Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Medieval Art in a Modern World Essay -- Essays Papers

Medieval artifice in a Modern WorldWhen I was looking at different works of art from the Middle Ages in the Metropolitan Museum of craft (medieval wing), one in particular caught my attention. Entitled Plaque with the Crucifixion and the penetrative of Hades, this piece embodies life and death, win and defeat, divinity and humanity. Carved in ivory, this plaque, characterization the Passion of Christ with an allusion to Hades (god of the underworld), is from the mid-tenth century, or Middle Byzantine era, and was make in Constantinople. The plaque depicts the death of Christ as a triumph over Hades and thus presents a victory for mans salvation. Centered in the plaque is Christs limp body, his heading hanging low to the right, arms outstretched, and knees slightly bent. On the left-hand(a) array of the plaque is Mary, Jesus mother, mourning the death of her son, the Messiah. On the other boldness is John the Baptist, also in mourning. Beneath Christs feet argon three Roman s oldiers, shown dividing his garment. Mary, John, and the soldiers are many times portrayed as the main witnesses of Jesus suffering for his mercy on humanity. To the immediate left and right of Christ are two angels waiting to escort their overlord back to heaven. Its title is self-descriptive. The plaque itself is intense in representation and represents much generally the religious devotion present in the medieval period. Since Christianity was a very large part of medieval society, the Crucifixion was a central theme in Go...

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