Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cannibalism Essay -- essays research papers

Cannibalism dating earliest back to the British colonies, was saw as a form of war tactic, or a drill of religion (Arson 1). though as a form of religion, it was a punishment tribal religions would white plague for the deepest sinners and atheists (Arson 1). Cannibalism was also a means for survival among slaves and peasants (Wikipedia 2). Though never sincerely accepted as a normal thing in society, cannibalism is actually apparent in a not so distant past (Wikipedia 2). Cannibalism is not a lawful or ethical form of practice for any religion or society. Cannibalism in its rarest form was once a practice of religion. Cannibalism has been detected in the early religious writings of the Egyptians, Greeks and Catholics. In a funeral ritual it would be proper to eat the remains of a respected member of a clan to assume the life-spirit and to insure immortality. withal cannibalism was portrayed in many stories related to religion. It was used as a form of scare-tactic to insure t he following of many people. It was also shown as a form of war tactic among gods to slaughter the demons that threaten them.Cannibalism is apparent in religion in as a form of punishment of non-worshipers. Cannibalism is very present in the Bible. Cannibalism is apparent in the old testament of Deuteronomy 2853-57, God punishes the Hebrews who fail to worship him by making their enemies overtake them, passing the Hebre...

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